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Ninety Years of Grace: the most famous royal wedding dress of all?

It is perhaps the most talked about royal wedding dress of them all. When Grace Kelly, Oscar winning actress and Hollywood superstar, married Prince Rainier III of Monaco on April 19th 1956, she did it in a gown for the history books. The outfit became an instant classic and remains an icon to this day. Embed from Getty Images The dress was picture perfect and that’s not really a…
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Royals and witchcraft: Eleanor Cobham

Eleanor Cobham is perhaps one of the lesser known royal wives of medieval times. As with most women of her time, not much is known of her youth. She was born around 1400, probably at Sterborough Castle in Kent, which didn’t survive the reign of Oliver Cromwell. Her…
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Taking a look at Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein Castle, or what remains of it, is located in Hesse, Germany, on the outskirts of Darmstadt and 35 kilometres south of Frankfurt. The name of the ruins come from the suspicion that the castle served as the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s famous work, Frankenstein, published in 1818. Additionally, it is not that uncommon of a name for a German castle because…
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Security work begins on Oslo Royal Palace

The Norwegian Royal Court has confirmed this week that new security measures are being put in place from this week. This new perimeter fencing around the Palace Park will be completed by the autumn of 2021. In a statement, the Royal Court said: “The goal is to prevent cars that have not been approved in advance from driving into the park and up to the Castle. The measures will not prevent…
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The Queen appoints Nigerian born engineer as the new Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons

The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment ofUgbana Oyet as Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons. Mr Oyetreplaces Kamal El-Hajji who retired in July after three and a half years in the post. Speaker John Bercow announced the appointment during Tuesday’s sitting in the Commons. MrOyet becomes Serjeant after serving as Parliament’s Principal Electrical…
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