Prince Albert announces new restrictive measures against coronavirus in new address to the Monégasque people

On 17 March, Prince Albert held a fourth working meeting at the Princely Palace to evaluate the coronavirus crisis in Monaco. The meeting was attended by the members of his government, the members of the Prince’s Cabinet, the President of the National Council, the Mayor of Monaco as well as the representatives of the health services of the Monegasque Administration for an inventory of the…
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Princess Marie visits Uganda as Patron of DanChurchAid

On 26 February, Princess Marie started a five-day humanitarian trip to Uganda as Patron of DanChurchAid. On the first day of her visit, Princess Marie first visited the DanChurchAid’s office where she was welcomed by the DCA Country Manager Peter Bo Larsen. Princess Marie toured the office before attending an information and security briefing. Princess Marie posed for photos with all the…
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Crown Princess Victoria attends People and Culture convention in Eskilstuna

On 5 February, Crown Princess Victoria attended the People and Culture Convention in Eskilstuna. The People and Culture Convention is organised for the public and private sectors, media, associations, academia and citizens with the aim of highlighting the importance of art and culture in the development of democracy and society. It is the third edition of the convention, and this year, Crown…
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How many days did the Scandinavian and Spanish royal families work in 2019?

At the end of each year, we can study and comment on the work of the British Royal Family. The UFO No More team decided to look at the work of the Scandinavian and Spanish royal families which is something that is not always done. Before diving into the data, a small disclaimer is needed. These numbers represent the days worked by each member of the royal families based on their official…
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