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Royal Wedding Rewind: Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark

On 4 October 1966, the Danish Royal Court announced that Crown Princess Margrethe was to marry Henri de Laborde de Montpezat. The engagement was a surprise to most as they had kept their relationship a secret.Henri was a French diplomat in London, and he and Margrethe met during an official dinner at the French Embassy and then again at a wedding, starting a relationship soon…
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Marie Antoinette, Last Queen of France?

In the latest in our series looking at the last consorts of monarchies around the world, we come to one of the most famous royals of all. Marie Antoinette’s whole life was lived in the spotlight and her story continues to fascinate. While other women later took on the role of Empress of the French, Marie Antoinette has a special place in the country’s royal history. Here, Royal Central…
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Grand Duke Henri urges everyone to take the coronavirus situation seriously in new message to the population

On 16 March, Grand Duke Henri addressed the people of Luxembourg in a short video message regarding the current coronavirus situation in the country. Speaking in Luxembourgish, Grand Duke Henri said: “It is now the moment in which our national solidarity is called for, and I appeal to everyone to take the situation seriously and follow the measures and recommendations as well. We know…
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Princess Marie to visit Uganda as Patron of DanChurchAid

Princess Marie will undertake a humanitarian trip in Uganda from 26 February to 1 March as Patron of DanChurchAid. Princess Marie will be joined by DanChurchAid’s Secretary-General Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen and the organisation’s local staff during the trip where they’ll visit a number of projects focused on development and climate efforts in the country. Princess Marie has been…
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