The love story that helped build a modern monarchy: Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ends her reign on January 14th 2024. Her abdication brings to a close a chapter of royal history. Margrethe was the unexpected heir who had to establish herself as first in line to the throne before becoming a successful queen. And for much of that time, she had the man she loved at her side. Prince Henrik was never far from controversy but their love story became a…
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Marie Antoinette, last Queen of France?

Marie Antoinette’s whole life was lived in the spotlight and her story continues to fascinate. While other women later took on the role of Empress of the French, Marie Antoinette has a special place in the country’s royal history. Here, Royal Central looks at the…
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Looking back at the wedding of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie

Fifteen years ago today, Prince Joachim married his fiancée, Marie Cavallier, in Mogeltonder Church, in South Jutland. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie met while Joachim was still married to his first wife, Countess Alexandra. They were invited to a dinner and, being the only two French-speaking people invited, their host introduced them. Their romance, however, started much later. Embed from…
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A look at Monaco's royal Olympians

With the Winter Olympic Games in full swing, let’s take a look at Monaco’s royal Olympians. The Monégasque delegation is always one of the smallest delegations because of the size of the country, but it also had one very famous member. Indeed, from 1988…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark

On 4 October 1966, the Danish Royal Court announced that Crown Princess Margrethe was to marry Henri de Laborde de Montpezat. The engagement was a surprise to most as they had kept their relationship a secret.Henri was a French diplomat in London, and he and Margrethe met during an official dinner at the French Embassy and then again at a wedding, starting a relationship soon…
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Marie Antoinette, Last Queen of France?

In the latest in our series looking at the last consorts of monarchies around the world, we come to one of the most famous royals of all. Marie Antoinette’s whole life was lived in the spotlight and her story continues to fascinate. While other women later took on the…

Princess Marie sends message to Danish Association for Autism on World Autism Day

On 2 April, Princess Marie of Denmark sent a personal message to the Danish Association for Autism of which she is Patron on the occasion of World Autism Day. In the message, she said: “I wish you all a good World Autism Day and thank you for the constant work you do. In these times when the focus is on the Corona crisis, other important issues can easily be forgotten but I do not forget…
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