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Former Tsar of Bulgaria wins legal battle over Vrana Palace

On 29 July, the Royal Palace of Vrana was finally given to deposed Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria by the Sofia Court of Appeals, ending a more than ten year legal battle between the Bulgarian Royal Family and the Bulgarian government. According to The International Monarchist Conference, the Sofia Court of Appeals ruled in favour of Simeon II, who will now be able to retain his residence. The…
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REVEALED: The Queen's secret passage in Buckingham Palace hidden behind a mirror

In a building as old and historically important as Buckingham Palace, it is perhaps not unexpected that there are many hidden quirks and traits to the design. One little known fact about the palace is that The Queen has secret passageways in the building that are hidden away from public view. In the White Drawing Room, one of the most famous locations in Buckingham Palace, hidden behind a…
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Royal Collection Trust sees operating loss of £36 million due to pandemic

The Royal Collect Trust annual accounts show it experienced operating losses of £36 million over the last year because of the pandemic. The charity warns it’s expecting it will take several years before visitor numbers and trading activity at royal residences return to pre-pandemic levels. On top of that estimate, the trust expects there will be further significant losses over the next…
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