Donald Trump on Meghan: "I don't like her - good luck Harry, you're gonna need it"

President Trump has made his feelings towards the Duchess of Sussex known during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday. The President, who is seeking reelection in November’s election, said that he wishes Prince Harry a lot of luck because “he’s gonna need it.” When asked by a reporter what he makes of the fact Meghan has seemingly endorsed rival Joe…
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British Royals

The Queen is told to renounce her family's titles

The Queen has been told to renounce her title by the CEO of anti-monarchy pressure group Republic. Graham Smith told the Daily Express that the ‘writing is on the wall’ for the royals, with the general public not caring about other lesser known members of The Royal Family. Mr Smith said: “My view is that all the royals should renounce their titles. “I think that…
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The Sussexes

New developments in the Duchess of Sussex's £3million privacy trial revealed

There have been new developments in the High Court ahead of the Duchess of Sussex’s trial against the publishers of the Mail on Sunday next year. The trial has been provisionally set for 11 January 2021, with the Meghan calling four witnesses to testify, and Associated Newspapers calling three witnesses. The hearing is expected to last between seven to ten days. The Duchess of…
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The Queen

The Queen’s secret handbag code revealed

Did you know that The Queen has a secret handbag code for getting out of tricky situations? When Queen Elizabeth is finished talking to a guest, all she has to do is move her handbag from one arm to another; this signals to her aides, who come in and end the conversation. If the conversation is particularly awful, all she has to do is put the bag on the ground or spin her wedding ring. This…
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