King of Thailand 'rushed to Intensive Care Unit' with respiratory problems

King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand has been rushed to an intensive Care Unit at Siriraj Hospital according to reports. The 68-year-old monarch was admitted to ICU a few days ago after suffering from respiratory problems. Andrew MacGregor Marshall, a journalist specialising in the activities of Thailand’s Royal Family, says The King’s condition is not understood to be life…
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State & Ceremonial

Poignant scenes as Prince Philip's Throne in the House of Lords is absent for The Queen's Speech

The Queen sat alone as she delivered her speech on Tuesday during the State Opening of Parliament. In previous years, the Sovereign’s Throne was placed alongside a Consort’s Throne in the House of Lords. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, sat alongside The Queen for the majority of speeches Her Majesty has delivered to Parliament. In recent years, it has been the Prince of…
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The Queen

Conservative MP taken hostage at Buckingham Palace until The Queen is safely returned from the Palace of Westminster

A Conservative Member of Parliament has been taken hostage at Buckingham Palace in an age old tradition dating back to the times of Charles I. Marcus Jones, MP for Nuneaton, is being ‘held captive’ at the Palace and will be released once the monarch has been safely returned from delivering her speech at the State Opening of Parliament. Mr Jones arrived at Buckingham Palace before The…
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The KentsThe Queen

Pressure on The Queen to sanction Prince Michael of Kent over Russia claims

The Queen is under pressure to impose a form of sanction against her cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, after he was recorded apparently misusing his royal status to seek favours from Russia’s President Putin. Prince Michael denies the allegations, however, there is still a considerable question remaining over whether Her Majesty will take action against the 78-year-old royal. Although…
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