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A look at those who portrayed Diana on film

Through the years, there have been a number of films, books, and tv shows written about the Royal Family and Diana, Princess of Wales’s life. Today, Royal Central is taking a look at all of the women who played Diana through the years. Caroline Bliss – 1982 Embed from Getty Images A little over a year after the royal wedding, ABC released “Charles and Diana: A Royal Love…
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The Sussexes

Miscarriage causes the loss of about one in four pregnancies - the Duchess of Sussex should be praised for opening up about her experiences

The Duchess of Sussex revealed on Wednesday that she suffered a miscarriage in July. Writing in theNew York Times, Meghan wrote:“I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second.” Despite miscarriage causing the loss of about one in four pregnancies, it is still a highly taboo subject, with people finding the subject very difficult to talk about despite…
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Oxford University thanks Duke of Cambridge for his support of their COVID-19 vaccine

The Duke of Cambridge spoke with researchers at the University of Oxford’s Oxford Vaccine Group to congratulate them on their recent coronavirus vaccine breakthrough. “Well done, I’m so pleased for all of you, I really am,” William told the researchers in the snippet of the video call shared to Kensington Palace’s social media accounts on November 23rd 2020. Those included on the…
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Princess Michael of Kent quarantined at Kensington Palace after becoming ill with coronavirus

Princess Michael of Kent is self-isolating in her Kensington Palace apartment after being diagnosed with coronavirus. According to The Sun on Sunday, the 75-year-old royal has been unwell for almost a month, apparently suffering from the effects of long-Covid. Princess Michael, and her husband Prince Michael, have both been in quarantine for three weeks. Prince Michael, The Queen’s…
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