How the Spanish royals celebrate Christmas

Each family has its own Christmas tradition, and royal families are no exception. As part of a new Christmas series, we are taking a look at how each royal family across Europe celebrates the holiday. The Spanish Royal Family starts Christmas festivities by releasing their Christmas cards earlier in December that they will be sending out to those who send them holiday cards over the festive…
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Swedish Royals mourn singer Marie Fredriksson

In what should be a week of celebrations, devastating news has reached the Swedish Royal Family. Marie Fredriksson, one of Sweden’s greatest singers both solo and as part of the group “Roxette” has passed away at the age of 61. Ms. Fredriksson had long been…
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Which colour will the Queen wear for the 2019 Christmas Day Speech?

With just two weeks to go until Christmas, minds turn to the important matters of the season. Will the General Election provide a parliament before the turkey is cooked? How many times will the always sugar laden phrase ‘royal cuties’ feature in reviews of the year? And perhaps most pressing of all, which colour will the Queen wear for her Christmas Day Broadcast to Britain and the…
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The Royal Central Royal Gift Guide 2019

With Christmas just weeks away you might be wondering what to get the royal enthusiast in your life … or maybe you’re just looking for ideas to put on your wish list. Our team has rounded up a few of their favourite ideas from apparel to decorations, books and…

All the Queen's rings

We know that rings were important to Queen Victoria because of the numerous references to them which she made in her journal and the fact that they feature so strongly in her photographic legacy. Her hands are literally covered with them. We must assume then, that they occupied a significant place in her personal jewellery and as such, were a striking part of her appearance like the widow’s caps…
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Queen Victoria and Claridge's

Sometimes known as ‘the annexe to Buckingham Palace’, the classic hotel in London’s Mayfair has time-honoured connections with royalty that exist into the present day. From the earlier single building run by William and Marianne Claridge at 51 Brook Street…

Queen Victoria's wedding wreath

Queen Victoria’s exquisitely woven wedding dress of Spitalfields silk satin survives. Her wedding veil was placed over her face as her body was dressed and prepared for burial at Windsor. Fascinatingly as I found out during research, the wedding veil and one of the Queen’s famous white caps were both placed on her head after death, a fitting analogy of Queen Victoria’s personal identities…
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