Monarchy Rules: a look at George IV

George IV ascended the British throne 200 years ago today. Here, Royal Central’s Assistant Editor, Moniek Bloks, looks at the life of the Regent who finally got to reign.   The future George IV was born at St. James’s Palace on 12 August 1762 to George III and his queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Upon the birth, he automatically became Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay…
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Death of a King: George III

He remains Britain’s longest ruling king but the real character of the monarch whose reign ended exactly two centuries ago remains shrouded by the long standing claim that he was mad. George III, whose time on the throne encompassed some of the biggest social changes…

The Controversial King: The Rise of George IV

On 29 January 1820, George IV ascended the throne to become the King of Great Britain. The oldest child of King George III and Queen Charlotte, George IV is remembered for his role as Regent and style setter rather than his reign as King.  George IV’s lasting legacy was the Regency period, as the Regent in question. The Regency is known for a flourishing of arts and literature, the…
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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown

On Saturday, in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, celebrations took place to mark 30 years since the return of the Royal Family following the collapse of the communist regime. Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, took time for an exclusive interview with Oskar Aanmoen, Royal Central’s Senior Europe Correspondent. The two talked together about Her Majesty’s…
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Titles and styles: How to address Harry & Meghan

With a deal now in place for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it was announced in quite a confusing statement that “The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family.” Unfortunately, “HRH titles” is…
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Opinion: Harry and Meghan's deal still leaves questions to be answered

Royal Central reporter, Gabriel Aquino, has shared his opinion on the Sussex announcement and decision. To make it clear: whether or not the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should step back as ‘senior’ royals is completely up to them, and I hope they made the decision that will better suit their lives in the long run. However, there are some doubtful points in their statements that I…
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