Royal History Mystery: did a queen murder her love rival?

Today’s Royal History Mystery focuses on the fate of one of medieval England’s most famous royal mistresses. What happened to The Fair Rosamund? Much of Rosamund Clifford’s life is now the stuff of legend and folklore but, in her time, she was England’s greatest beauty and Eleanor of Aquitaine’s greatest nemesis. John William Waterhouse / Public domain Rosamund Clifford may have…
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Calendar of Kings: May

Many a monarch has made their mark on May and left interesting tales to tell in their wake. From the suspicious death of a tragic king to the impossibly romantic wedding of a royal whose legend outstripped reality, the month is filled with milestones linked to the best known…

The Bavarian King of Northern Europe

When little Prince Christopher was born in Bavaria in 1416 as the son of a German Count, he hardly thought he would become king of three European nations. Yet that was exactly what he became. Christopher was born as a member of the house of Wittelsbach. He grew up in the…
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May Jewels: Denmark's Best Emeralds

The Danish Royal Family counts just one emerald tiara in their collection, but it’s a stunning piece that features 67 emeralds and over 2,600 diamonds. Let’s take a look at the Danish Emerald Parure Tiara. King Christian VIII commissioned an emerald parure for his wife, Queen Caroline Amelie, on their anniversary. The 67 emeralds featured in the tiara date back to the 1700s; some come from…
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Calendar of Queens: May

May is a month filled with queenly anniversaries. From coronations to christenings, marriages to monarchical moments, all four weeks contain special dates linked to majesty. Royal Central’s Calendar of Queens reaches May. Birth of a Queen Let’s start with a…
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Reader poll: The Duchess of Cambridge's top five outfits of 2020 so far

From Barbour on the farm to McQueen at the BAFTAs, we’ve seen an array of looks on the Duchess of Cambridge this year (even though some have only been from the waist up on Zoom). When it came down to choosing her top outfits from the first half of 2020, our editorial team just couldn’t decide … so we turned to our readers. After narrowing the list down to just five outfits…
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England's most hated ruler and Barnard Castle

Poor old Richard III. This king just can’t catch a break. William Shakespeare helped turn him into a much maligned monarch. Now, the site of one of his favourite homes is at the centre of a political storm that the Bard would have relished getting to grips with. For Barnard Castle, focus of the Dominic Cummings debate, was once the much loved residence of Richard. The last Plantagenet’s…
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