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Historic tiaras and gems highlighted in special event from the Royal Collection Trust

The Royal Collection Trust has held an online talk to offer royal watchers a behind-the-scenes look at The Queen’s impressive jewellery collection. On Thursday, 28 July, the RCT held “Royal Jewels: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration”. Deputy Surveyor of The Queen’s Works of Art, Caroline de Guitaut, and British Vogue Contributing Editor, Carol Woolton, met at St. James’s Palace to…
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The wedding gown of Princess Muna al-Hussein

On 25 May 1961, British-born Toni Avril Gardiner married King Hussein of Jordan as his second wife. The wedding took place in the Zahran Palace in Amman and was followed by a procession through the city. Toni, who took on the name Princess Muna al-Hussein after her wedding, wore a wedding dress by British designer Ronald Paterson. It was a cream-coloured silk gown embroidered with diamonds…
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Outside of Europe, which countries still have monarchies?

Arguably, the most popular monarchies in the world sit on the European continent, but Europe only contains 12 of the world’s 43 monarchies. So, what other countries have a monarch? Royal Central takes a look. Asia, the largest continent, hosts the most countries with monarchies; 13 countries in Asia have a ruling family. They are Bahrain, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait…
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A sparkling celebration for the Jubilee as Buckingham Palace opens its doors for the summer

Buckingham Palace is now open to visitors for the summer with a brand new exhibition all about The Queen’s Accession at the heart of the royal show. The display is nestled in the centre of the tour of the State Rooms at the Palace and offers a chance to see some of the most important and symbolic jewels of The Queen’s reign. Among the gems on show is the George IV Diamond Diadem…
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