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The Queen opens historic garden at Windsor Castle for the first time in forty years

As of the August 8th 2020 until September, weekend visitors to Windsor Castle will have the pleasure of enjoying the splendour of the East Terrace and Gardens which have been opened to the public for the first time since the 1970’s. These beautiful gardens have had numerous purposes over the centuries and have been opened to the general public on occasion over the years. However, this…
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Which European royals are not in line for the British throne?

Nearly every European monarch is related to the House of Windsor in some way or another. King Christian IX of Denmark and Queen Victoria of Great Britain both sought to marry their numerous children and grandchildren into houses across Europe, and these bloodlines are still intertwined to this day. However, that does not mean that every European royal related to Queen Elizabeth II is in line for…
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Rescue plan for tomb of the English queen who never set foot in her realm

For a Queen of England who never set foot on English soil, her tomb has not been able to find a home either. Berengaria of Navarre was the wife of King Richard the Lionheart for eight years until his death in 1199. Berengaria and Richard had had no children together, and she settled in Le Mans in France. She died there in 1230, and she was buried near Le Mans at the l’Épau Abbey. The monks…
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The mystery of the Queen Mother's birthplace

The first famous Windsor woman to be born on August 4th lived most of her adult life in the spotlight and yet one very basic detail of her story is shrouded in mystery. For no one is really sure exactly where Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was born. And no one did more to get people guessing than the Queen Mum herself. In 1980, as preparations were under way for her eightieth birthday…
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