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The Queen's first Norman Hartnell dress

He was the man who created the most iconic images of her reign, designing outfits literally fit for a Queen. Norman Hartnell was Elizabeth II’s go to designer for many of the major moments of her time as heir to the throne and young Monarch. And he first dressed the record breaking ruler exactly eighty five years ago. For the Queen’s very first Norman Hartnell design was a bridesmaid’s…
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History of Royal Titles: The Duke of Gloucester

There have been six Dukes of Gloucester throughout history, the first created in 1385 and the current having held the title since 1974. It has a long past, and some consider the title cursed due to its most famous titleholder, and that the first three men to hold it died…
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History of Royal Titles: the Earldom of Wessex

The Earl of Wessex is not a title that has been used very often throughout royal history – so much so that in the time between the first creation and third creation, the county of Wessex ceased to exist in England. Royal Central is investigating the story behind this historic title and why it was left unused for so long. The first use of the title was in around the year 1019 when Godwin…
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History of Royal Titles: why is Queen Elizabeth II also known as The Duke of Lancaster?

Queen Elizabeth II is a monarch with many titles and many styles. One of her, perhaps, lesser-known titles is that of Duke of Lancaster, which she holds in her own right. The Duke of Lancaster is a title that is always held by the sovereign and the Duchy of Lancaster provides an income to the monarch. According to the Duchy’s official website, its rural holdings are “18,481 hectares of…
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Royal Ghost Stories: Elizabeth I

She’s one of the most famous queens in history and died in 1603. Since then numerous royals (and monarchs themselves) have claimed to have seen the departed monarch in ghost form, and we are taking a look at some of those ghost stories. Windsor Castle Queen…
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Secret Royal Weddings: the passionate king and the silent widow

Royal weddings are now major celebrations, glittering events that capture the imagination and draw huge crowds who cheer the vows and shout demands for a kiss when the deal is done. However, in centuries past a royal union might be a discreet event, witnessed by just a handful of people. And for that reason, rumours were able to grow of secret weddings, hidden spouses and possible threats to…
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