Princess Mako visits ancestors' grave to report marriage plans

Japan’s Princess Mako has gone to the graves of her great-grandparents to report her marriage plans. Princess Mako of Akishino travelled to Musashi Imperial Mausolea Grounds to visit the mausoleums of her paternal great-grandparents, Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako, on Tuesday, 12 October on the outskirts of Tokyo. Some people had gathered to see the royal visit the tombs, and she…
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BhutanRoyal Weddings

King and Queen of Bhutan mark ten years of marriage

The King met Jetsun Pema, who comes from the country’s elite, when she was around seven-years-old, and he was 17. Years later, they fell in love and became engaged. He announced his upcoming marriage during the opening of Parliament in 2011. His Majesty then described his bride: “Now, many will have their own idea of what a Queen should be like—that she should be uniquely…
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Jordan's Royal Hashemite Court releases strongly worded statement denying Pandora Papers allegations

Jordan’s Royal Hashemite Court has released a strongly worded statement denying the allegations against King Abdullah contained in the leaked Pandora Papers. Information in the Pandora Papers claims that the King of Jordan amassed a secret £70 million property empire in the United Kingdom and the United States. These reportedly include homes in California, London and Ascot. The…
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Belgium's Princess Elisabeth begins university education

Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth has begun her university education at Oxford University’s Lincoln College in the United Kingdom. Her first day of classes is today. The Belgian Royal Palace has released nine new photos to mark the occasion, which were taken on 27 and 28 of September in Oxford by Bas Bogaerts. She is photographed alongside some of her new classmates in some of the…
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