Who is Princess Charlene of Monaco?

To conclude our series on the Princess consorts of Monaco, we look at the current titleholder, Princess Charlene – the wife of the Prince of Monaco, Albert II. Charlene Lynette Wittstock was born Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) on 25 January 1978 to Michael and…

Grace Kelly: The American Princess

Grace Patricia Kelly was born on 12 November 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was well-known as an actress, starring in films like Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thiefand High Society. She became the Princess of Monaco 18 April 1956 when she wed Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Success ran in the family, as her father John Kelly was a three-time Olympic gold medalist for the United…
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The rise of royal photography

Recently there has been a remarkable shift in the photographs shared by the royal courts. Increasingly, the official pictures are no longer taken by professional photographers but by members of the royal families themselves. Photographing has become a typical “royal” hobby. In the previous decades, the royal courts instantly contacted professional photographers when there was a need…
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The Diamond Engagement Rings of Windsor Brides

Today, we’re looking at some of the diamond engagement rings of Windsor brides. From Queen Elizabeth to Princess Beatrice, diamonds are a classic choice. Here’s Royal Central’s look at the sparkling rings of the brides of the House of Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II…

What would happen to The Queen's hostage if Her Majesty wasn't safely returned to Buckingham Palace?

On Monday, the State Opening of Parliament takes place in London with The Queen travelling to the Palace of Westminster to deliver a speech outlining her government’s agenda for the next parliamentary session. The day is full of historical traditions, from searching the cellars for gunpowder to Black Rod and her big baton. But the strangest tradition of all has to be the taking of a…
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