The christening of Queen Victoria

Unlike the christenings of Queen Victoria’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the christening of the future Queen is an event about which far less is known. It was not the subject of a painting, nor was much written about it as the ceremony itself was a strictly private one, by order of the Prince Regent. Much later, the many baptismal services which were performed within The…
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Sapphires for September: Queen Silvia’s Leuchtenberg Sapphires

Among Europe’s royal families, the Swedish Royal Family owns one of the the most impressive jewelry collections. The Leuchtenberg sapphire and diamond parure in particular goes back to early 19th century and is said to have been a wedding gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Princess Augusta of Bavaria, his stepson’s bride. Josephine of Leuchtenberg—Augusta’s daughter—brought it with her…
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The fake Queen of Norway and Scotland

There are many people who, throughout history, have pretended to be royal. The desire for power and wealth have enticed many to falsely pretend to be a royal who has either died or disappeared. Not many of them are women; however, a ship once came to Norway with a woman who wanted to be the nation’s queen. That woman has been known as “False Margrete.” She was a Norwegian woman who…
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The night 19 Ottoman princes were killed by their brother

The former church Haga Sophia has been widely reported in the media over recent weeks after the building has been converted into a mosque for the second time. However, what isn’t known to many is that right next to the famous building is a unique hidden story. In a burial chamber, 19 Ottoman princes are buried next to each other, all of whom were killed on the same evening, by their only…
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