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Royal Weddings: the Wedding of the Earl and Countess of Wessex

The last major Windsor wedding of the 20th century became something of a turning point for The Queen and her family. It wasn’t just that this royal celebration was more informal and more relaxed than the spectacular ceremonial of previous royal marriages. The wedding of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, on June 19th 1999, seemed to mark a change in direction following a tumultuous decade that had…
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Where to see Wallis Simpson's fashion

Wallis Simpson was a polarising figure in the British Royal Family and continues to divide royal watchers today. Born on 19 June 1896 as Bessie Wallis Warfield, Simpson would go on to marry the former King Edward VIII. The women in the British Royal Family have been using fashion and style to make statements for centuries. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother very specifically used fashion to create…
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Queen Victoria's memorials to her dogs

Queen Victoria’s love for her dogs was lavishly recorded in paint and sculpture and not least, in her sketches and words. Lord Melbourne, the Queen’s Prime Minister, once commented dryly: ‘You’ll be smothered with dogs‘. The Queen’s characteristic…
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Donald Trump ridiculed after calling Prince Charles 'The Prince of Whales'

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is being widely ridiculed on social media after referring to Prince Charles as the ‘Prince of Whales’. The heir to the throne, who is, in fact, the Prince of Wales, met President Trump during his state visit to the United Kingdom earlier this month. Taking to Twitter, President Trump tweeted: “I meet and talk to “foreign…
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'For my darling Nicky': A gift for the Tsarevich

On 29 May 1894, Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia wrote to his mother, Empress Marie Feodorovna, that he could see the sea from the room in which he was writing, in the imperial palace of Peterhof and that he had ‘such a longing for the yacht and want to fly there to join my…
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Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece shares wedding etiquette tips

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece has revealed wedding plan ideas, etiquette and previously-unseen photos of her own 1995 wedding to Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece on her official blog. “Time has absolutely flown by and looking back and reminiscing about our wedding I thought I’d start to share some of my wedding photographs and stories,” Marie-Chantal writes. Embed from Getty…
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