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Mistress who cast doubt on a royal marriage returns to Buckingham Palace

Her king called her his ”wife of heart and soul” even though their actual, secret union was declared invalid. Now the woman who cast a shadow over the reign of George IV and even the succession to his throne has returned to Buckingham Palace. A portrait of Maria Fitzherbert, who wed the future George IV after they fell hopelessly in love, is now displayed at the Queen’s home as part of an…
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Oslo City Hall`s beautiful royal portraits

Oslo City Hall stands out in many ways from other city halls. It is best known for hosting the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony every December 10 with the entire Norwegian Royal Family present. Construction was completed in 1950. But an unknown side of the building is that it also has a banquet-hall that houses four beautiful royal portraits. Let us take a look at them. When entering the banquet-hall…
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A Calendar of Queens: February

Royal history is so rich that the year is peppered with anniversaries and milestones. From births to deaths, coronations to weddings, each month brings the memory of another landmark moment. Britain’s queens, past and present, have written themselves into the history…
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Leaked Boris Johnson letter indicates uncertainty over the future leadership of the Commonwealth

A leaked letter from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggests that the Commonwealth is facing a period of uncertainty over its leadership as moves are being made against the reelection of the secretary-general. According to the BBC, the Commonwealth heads of governments have rejected calls for Baroness Scotland to be automatically given a second term in office. The leaked Boris Johnson…
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A Calendar of Kings: February

Our royal history is filled with major moments and those attached to the monarchs and consorts whose names are all too familiar take on a significance all of their own. Each month, at Royal Central, we’re taking a look at the monarchical milestones that pepper the past and…

Monarchy Rules: a look at George IV

George IV ascended the British throne 200 years ago today. Here, Royal Central’s Assistant Editor, Moniek Bloks, looks at the life of the Regent who finally got to reign.   The future George IV was born at St. James’s Palace on 12 August 1762 to George III and…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: George IV and Caroline of Brunswick

We all love a groom who cries as his bride walks towards him, and when it’s a royal groom, it’s even better. However, rewind a couple of centuries, and a weeping prince at the altar was no laughing matter. For when George, Prince of Wales and king in waiting wed Caroline of Brunswick on 8 April 1795 the tears of the groom were a public demonstration of his unhappiness in a marriage…
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