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Prince Philip's last visit to Norway

During his life, Prince Philip visited Norway a number of times. He was in the country both on official tours, but he also visited his Norwegian relatives and friends privately on several occasions. The last time the Duke of Edinburgh visited Norway was in 2001. Even though it is now 20 years ago, the memories of Prince Philip live on with the Norwegian people. His last trip was a State Visit…
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President Biden speaks to King Abdullah following potential coup

There has been a lot of uncertainty over the past week about the political situation in Jordan, one of the most stable states in the Middle East. The small Middle Eastern monarchy is said to have been subjected to a planned coup that was averted. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, spoke to the King of Jordan in a phone call on Wednesday. The US President wanted to make it clear that…
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Princess Martha Louise of Norway confirms she plans to move to USA

In February this year, Princess Martha Louise of Norway said that she was considering moving to the United States. She then said that the reason was that her boyfriend, the American shaman Durek Verrett, feels badly treated and no longer wants to settle in Norway. This was discussed by the princess in an interview with TV2. Asked in the interview if it is relevant for her to move to the USA, she…
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The prince born to rule who has lived his life in exile

Back on May 20 1967, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, also a prince of Denmark, was born. The Greek Crown Prince is the eldest son and second child of Constantine II, the last King of Greece from 1964 to 1973 and his wife, Anne-Marie of Denmark. Both Queen Margrethe of Denmark…

Norway’s Royal Family reveals plans for Easter

Norway begins its Easter holiday on Friday while the country is in the third wave of the pandemic, and everyone is living under strict infection control measures. However, people are allowed to travel to private holiday homes; this was not allowed during Easter of last year.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel recover from COVID-19

After fighting COVID-19 for a while, it has now been revealed that the Crown Princess Couple have fully recovered from the virus. The Swedish Royal Court has now issued a new update on the health of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have been isolated at home at Haga Palace since 10 March after developing symptoms. On March 11, it was announced…
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