Norway’s Royal Family remember those lost on 10th anniversary of terrorist attacks

Ten years ago, on July 22, 2011, Norway was hit by its the worst terrorist attacks since World War II. The tenth anniversary was commemorated with several moving tributes attended by the Royal Family. The first commemoration was outside the Government Quarter where the bombing took place. Four wreaths were placed at the memorial to the dead, including a wreath from the Crown Prince and Crown…
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Queen Sonja’s sister-in-law has died

Queen Sonja has lost her sister-in-law. Lis Haraldsen, has died at the age of 87. The death was announced by the Haraldsen family in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. Lis Ingeborg Elder was born in Denmark on 22 August 1933 and married businessman, Haakon Haraldsen…

Queen Margrethe’s visit to Greenland postponed

Queen Margrethe of Denmark has recently been on a visit to the Faroe Islands. It was expected and planned that the Queen would then travel on for a visit to Greenland. However, on Tuesday, it was announced that the visit was postponed. Within the past week, Greenland has…

Princess Sophie of Romania presents prestigious award

Princess Sophie of Romania presented the Best Play of the Year Award to Mihai Ignat at the 30th UNITER Gala in Bucharest on Monday. The Romanian Princess was present in the Great Hall of the National Theatre in Bucharest to attend the Romanian Theatre Union Gala Award Ceremony. Her Royal Highness took part in the gala alongside the Romanian Presidential Adviser and the Romanian Minister of…
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Serbian royals mark special anniversary since their return

Last Saturday was a special anniversary for the Serbian Royal Family as it marked 20 years since the Serbian royals were able to return to Serbia after a life in exile. On that occasion, Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia published the following message: “On this day, exactly 20 years ago, my family and I, after decades in exile, finally welcomed our return to our homeland. A review of the…
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Norwegian royals on holiday in northern Norway

The Norwegian Royal Family is currently on a long private holiday in northern Norway using the royal yacht “KS Norge”. Thousands of Norwegians now follow the ship’s journey, and where the royals go ashore, they are greeted with flags and cheers. Many private boats…

A sisterly reunion - Queen Margrethe and her sisters gather for a joint summer holiday at the beautiful Gråsten Palace

Queen Margrethe has been joined by her two sisters at GråstenPalace in Denmark for a summer holiday. Her Majesty welcomed Queen Anne-Marie of Greece towards the end of last week with Princess Benedikte arriving a few days before that. The gathering was publicised when a cycling team passed by Gråsten Palace on Saturday and was received by Queen Margrethe, much to the surprise of the…
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