Royal News

State Visits - a decline in glamour that only Monarchies can save

With rumours of an imminent announcement for a Japanese State Visit to the United Kingdom, which would mark a slow return to normality for the British Royals, and current State Visits from Spain to the Netherlands and to Belgium from Luxembourg, it only feels appropriate to take a look at what a State Visit is, and what it entails. State Visits are the highest form of diplomatic trips…
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European Royals

The next queen called Elisabeth: how is a princess preparing for her future role?

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has paved the way for a new generation of heirs in Europe to embrace their roles in a continuously changing landscape. Elisabeth Thérèse Marie Hélène was born at 9:58 pm on 25 October 2001, the first of four children born to the then-Duke and Duchess of Brabant. As it happens for many firstborns, she shaped the education path for the rest of her…
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Princess Anne and Family

The Princess Royal in Sri Lanka in first royal overseas trip of 2024

The Princess Royal and her husband, Vice Admiral Sit Timothy Laurence, are in Sri Lanka for an official visit at the request of King Charles III and his government.  Her Royal Highness landed in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo on 10th January, and she was welcomed at the airport by the British High Commissioner to the country, Andrew Patrick, as well as the Sri Lankan Minister of Foreign…
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Queen Letizia highlights worthy cause with her fashion choice on first solo engagement of 2024

Queen Letizia has resumed her solo agenda for 2024 after proudly watching her daughter debut in the most important military ceremony in the Spanish calendar. And she has done so by once again making headlines for her choice of clothing.  On 9th January, as Madrid is trapped in the cold embrace of an Arctic vortex, the Queen arrived at APRAMP Training Centre with a tweed jacket peeking under a…
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