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Princess Margaret's poignant nod to her father on her wedding day

The gowns worn by royal bridesmaids can often be overlooked but the creations made for the attendants at Princess Margaret’s wedding in May 1960 had a very special meaning. For they were a link between the bride and her beloved father, who had died almost a decade before her marriage. Margaret had turned to Norman Hartnell for her wedding ensemble and entrusted him with creating perfect…
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History of unlucky royal names: Richard

There are many names that are considered unlucky by some, and in royal circles this is something they wish to avoid at all costs. From superstitions to strange goings on during their reigns, Royal Central is taking a look at the history behind some such monikers, and why it is unlikely that we will see them re-used by any future monarchs. The name Richard has been subjected to many trials of…
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The Norwegian King banned by the Pope

King Sverre Sigurdsson is the Norwegian king who the Pope banned. Sverre was King of Norway from 1177 to 1202, and shortly after Sverre took over the throne, conflicts with the church began. The Norwegian Archbishop had been allied with Sverre’s opponent to the throne…
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King Haakon V and his three fortresses

King Haakon V has a special role in Norwegian history. He is known as the king who finally reunited Norway after 110 years of civil war. He unified Norwegian power and created an empire that stretched over Norway, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and parts of today’s Britain and Sweden. What is not as well known, however, is that he strengthened his power by building more fortresses…
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REVEALED: Why Buckingham Palace isn’t The Queen’s official residence

Buckingham Palace is the most iconic symbol of the British Monarchy, but far from popular opinion, this 200-year-old building isn’t actually The Queen’s official residence, and this is why… Her Majesty’s official residence is, in fact, a few hundred yards down the Mall from Buckingham Palace at St James’s Palace, where the Court is officially based. It is where foreign diplomats are…
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