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The big royal wedding anniversaries of 2021

This year will see several royal couples around the world mark very special wedding anniversaries. From first big landmarks to marital milestones, here’s a run down of the biggest anniversaries in 2021. A marital milestone Tenth wedding anniversaries are usually marked with gifts made of tin, to represent the durability needed for a strong marriage. And four royal couples will be…
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Which kings are buried at Westminster Abbey?

Founded in 960, Westminster Abbey, or the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, is a mainly Gothic abbey church in the city of Westminster, London. Near the Thames and the Palace of Westminster, it is one of the United Kingdom’s most notable and recognizable religious buildings. A traditional place of coronation and burials for English monarchs, it has been the setting for…
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The Royal Wedding of Princess Margriet of the Netherlands

It’s not the most talked about royal wedding of all time but the marriage that took place on a cold, January day in 1967 has proved to be an important one for the Dutch Royal Family. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, aunt of the current monarch King Willem-Alexander, wed Pieter van Vollenhoven in a regal setting and the couple have gone on to be among the most solid supporters of their royal…
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Royal Residences: A brief history of Windsor Castle

Where is it located? Windsor Castle is located in the town of Windsor in Berkshire, England. The site occupies 13 acres of land and features a fortification, a palace and a small town. It is perhaps most recognisable by the castle’s Round Tower. When was it built, and when was it used as a royal residence? The original castle was built during the 11th century after the Norman invasion…
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