Queen in all but name: the royal mistress who ruled a controversial king

Charles II, the Merry Monarch, had several different mistresses. However, one of these mistresses stands out from the rest for several reasons- Barbara Villiers. John Evelyn pronounced her the “curse of the nation”, and she would hold sway over the Restoration court for decades, exerting huge influence on the king.  Barbara Villiers was born in St. Margaret’s, Westminster on 27 November…
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A look at Sweden's royal christening gown

All big royal events have symbolism attached to them and when Prince Julian of Sweden is baptised, on August 13, 2021, at the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace, he will find himself wrapped in one of his family’s best-known traditions. The little royal, youngest child of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, will be christened wearing the gown that has been used by Bernadotte babies for over…
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The Royal Bridesmaid who became a Queen

As 1922 got under way, newspapers began to run excited articles about a royal wedding. The only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary was about to say ‘I do’ and every moment of her marriage ceremony was up for scrutiny. Princess Mary’s wedding dress…
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The mystery of the Queen Mother's birthplace

The first famous Windsor woman to be born on August 4th lived most of her adult life in the spotlight and yet one very basic detail of her story is shrouded in mystery. For no one is really sure exactly where Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was born. And no one did more to get people guessing than the Queen Mum herself. In 1980, as preparations were under way for her eightieth birthday…
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A look at Scandinavia's royal Olympians

With the Olympics underway, let’s take a look at the Scandinavian royals and their connection to the Olympics. Although there haven’t been that many Scandinavian royal competitors, these families are very closely intertwined with the Olympics. Sweden There haven’t been any Swedish Royal Family members who’ve competed in the Olympics, but King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia met at the…
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