The Royal Bridesmaid who became a Queen

As 1922 got under way, newspapers began to run excited articles about a royal wedding. The only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary was about to say ‘I do’ and every moment of her marriage ceremony was up for scrutiny. Princess Mary’s wedding dress, choice of venue and honeymoon destination were pored over even if actual details were hard to come by (sound familiar?) but one…
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Edward II and the kiss that crushed his queen

In February 1308, England welcomed its new queen to her realm for the first time. Isabella, consort to King Edward II, arrived with her husband at Dover after an elaborate wedding in her home country. Isabella expected adulation and respect. Instead, she watched as Edward…
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From woodland to a royal palace - Oslo Royal Palace's historical development

The Royal Palace in Oslo is today a striking monument in the city centre of Oslo. When the castle was built, it was located outside the very centre of Oslo. The property that is today the residence of Norway’s monarch was for only 300 years ago nothing more than part of a forest. Let us take a look at the historical development of this property – from forest to castle. The most…
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A Calendar of Queens: April

April brings spring, brighter weather, a flurry of flowers and an array of anniversaries. The fourth month of the year has been the backdrop for some milestone events involving England’s queens, both regnant and consort. Here’s our Calendar of Queens for…

Why is Queen Margrethe called 'Daisy'?

Last week, Queen Margrethe of Denmark had to celebrate her birthday in a different way than planned because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many royals from Europe had come together and made a very special video greeting for the Danish Queen. Many people noticed that several royals called the queen “Daisy” in the video. But why did they do so? Nicknames are quite common in royal…
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The Royal Escape from Oslo: 9 April 1940

This year, in 2020, marks 75 years since World War II ended. It is also the 80th anniversary of war coming to the Monarchies of Norway and Denmark. While the Danish royal family was taken prisoner by the Nazis, the Norwegian royal family managed to escape and carry on the…
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The Great Seal of the Realm - a piece of history to savour

The Great Seal of the Realm is a piece of history to savour. We don’t get to see it all that often and when it does make an appearance, it more than packs a punch.For this seal is part of a tradition that goes back to before the Norman Conquest and which, for centuries, has symbolised the very power of the Monarch. This is the main seal of the Crown and signifies the Monarch’s…
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