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Princess Margaret: a brief history

<![CDATA[The Queen's late sister, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, led a colourful life in the public eye and was considered the most carefree. Some might say interesting, of the two sisters, due to her lesser responsibility compared to Elizabeth and some of the events that occurred during her life. Margaret Rose was born in 1930, four years after her sister, Princess Elizabeth…
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Launch of Dickie Arbiter's book 'On Duty with the Queen'

<![CDATA[Yesterday evening, Waterstones in High Street Kensington hosted Blink Publishing’s launch of Dickie Arbiter’s book On Duty with the Queen. Numerous royal correspondents, publishers, close family members and friends gathered to celebrate the book launch with a drinks and canapé reception. Dickie made a short speech at the beginning of the evening thanking the guests for attending…
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Book Review: 'Duchesses - Living in 21st Century Britain' by Jane Dismore

<![CDATA[This latest book by Jane Dismore explores the lives of ten non-royal Duchesses living in Britain today. Dismore was given the chance to enter into the world of these modern-day aristocrats by visiting their ancestral homes and interviewing the Duchesses personally. With a different chapter focusing on each Duchess, readers can learn about how these women met their aristocratic…
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History Rewind: Birth of Queen Elizabeth I

<![CDATA[On 7th September 1533, Anne Boleyn gave birth to King Henry VIII's second child at Greenwich Palace. Disappointingly for him, it was another girl. Elizabeth’s childhood was a somewhat difficult and complex one after losing her mother at the tender age of two. Elizabeth and her half-sister, Mary, were declared illegitimate as Henry VIII sought to create space for his male…
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