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New book on Princess Catharina-Amalia to be published on the occasion of her 18th birthday

On the occasion of Princess Catharina-Amalia’s 18th birthday, a new book will be published to introduce the future Queen to a broader audience. Author, comedian and singer Claudia de Breij has written the book, simply called “Amalia”, in cooperation with the Princess. Over the summer of 2021, Claudia and Princess Catharina-Amalia met several times. They spoke about her time…
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HistoryMiddle East

The last King and Queen of Afghanistan

The last King and Queen of Afghanistan were exiled in 1973, and with the monarchy abolished, Afghanistan became a republic. The last King of Afghanistan was Mohammed Zahir Shah, who succeeded his father in 1933 at the age of 19, following the latter’s…
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Marie, Princess of Liechtenstein has died at the age of 81

Marie, Princess of Liechtenstein died earlier today at the age of 81. She had been hospitalised since Wednesday after suffering a stroke. Her family was with her when she passed away in the hospital in Grabs and the announcement stated that Princess passed away peacefully and with great trust in God after receiving the holy sacraments. Church bells rang across the small principality between…
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Dutch royals hold summer photo call with mixed feelings

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their daughters Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane duly appeared for their annual summer photocall but there were mixed feelings all around. © RVD / Mischa Schoemaker © RVD / Mischa Schoemaker At the photo call, King Willem-Alexander said: “I would like to start by saying that we are here with mixed feelings today. It’s a day after…
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Wallis Simpson and the fight over the HRH

On 27 May 1937, just a few days before Wallis Simpson and the former King Edward VIII were due to be married, a letter arrived from King George VI with “not very good news.” Edward then learned that while Wallis would become Duchess of Windsor upon marriage, she…
The Netherlands

Princess Amalia to return allowance she was due to receive

Princess Amalia, the heir to the Dutch throne, has informed Prime Minister Mark Rutte that she will return the allowance she was due to receive upon her 18th birthday for the duration of her studies. She wrote to the Prime Minister that she finds receiving the allowance “uncomfortable, as long as she is unable to work for it and other students will have it so much more difficult.
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