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King's Day 2021 to take place in Eindhoven

The Dutch Royal Court has announced that the Dutch royals will celebrate King’s Day 2021 in the city of Eindhoven. King’s Day 2020 was set to take place in Maastricht but took on a more digital form due to the coronavirus. The Dutch royals will continue to monitor the situation around the coronavirus and a company called Brainport Eindhoven has been taken on to develop a program for…
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Lady Elizabeth Shakerley, Queen's cousin and party planner, has died at the age of 79

Lady Elizabeth Shakerley, the Queen’s first cousin once removed and her party planner, has died at the age of 79. They were said to be great friends, as well. Lady Elizabeth began party planning for The Queen around 1960, and most notably, she planned The Queen’s 80th birthday party and the reception for foreign royals before the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She…
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King Vajiralongkorn taken to hospital as bodyguard tests positive for COVID-19

King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand was taken to Bangkok Hospital after one of his bodyguards tested positive for COVID-19. The Thai King was taken to the hospital around midnight on the 21st of October and only stayed for about two hours. It is unclear why exactly he was so briefly hospitalised or whether he was tested for COVID-19. King Vajiralongkorn arrived from Germany, where he usually lives…
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King Philippe meets his half-sister Delphine for the first time

King Philippe of the Belgians has met his half-sister, Princess Delphine, formerly known as Delphine Boël, for the first time, according to an announcement made by the Royal Palace. The official announcement reads, “A joint message from His Majesty the King and Her Royal Highness Princess Delphine: On Friday the 9th of October, we met for the first time in the Palace of Laeken. It was a…
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