Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first official day in Canberra

<![CDATA[While we retain the Monarch as head of state in Australia it isn’t to often that the Australian Royal Family makes the news here, but local media has been sent into meltdown with the royal tour currently underway in Australia. You can’t turn on a television, read a paper or news website without seeing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Everywhere you go that has had or is…
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A Quick Review of the Six Wives of Henry the 8th by Alison Weir

<![CDATA[ The Queen, the Lover, the Mother, the Outcast, the Victim and the Survivor; the six wives of Henry the 8th. Historian and Tudor expert Alison Weir brings to life these six remarkable women in her book titled The Six Wives of Henry the 8th. The book is divided into three main chapters. In the first, the reader is introduced to the ‘Princess from Spain’,  Catherine of…
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Victoria Arbiter: Living at Kensington Palace

<![CDATA[People often ask me what it was like living at Kensington Palace and, in the past, I’ve responded in a somewhat blasé fashion. However, the passage of time has given me the opportunity to appreciate what a truly unique experience it was. Much as the…

Preview of final episode of 'The Plantagenets'

<![CDATA[In the final episode of The Plantagenets, Professor Robert Bartlett reveals the events that led to the downfall of England’s longest ruling dynasty in the fifteenth century. The Death of Kings sees Professor Bartlett discuss the bloodiest decades of the Plantagenet’s history. Bartlett takes viewers through how family rivalries became so brutal that close relatives turned…
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'Glorious Georges' to open at Historic Royal Palaces

<![CDATA[The Georgian Era, known so because of the reign of four King Georges in succession, was one of the most significant eras in British royal history. Although the first king arrived from Germany and spoke almost no English, the Glorious Georges, as they are known, soon gained support from the people, and are popularly known even today. This year, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of…
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