Henry VIII reimagined: An interview with Wife After Wife author Olivia Hayfield

Pull Henry VIII out of the Tudor era and make him a media king in modern-day London and you’ve got the premise of Olivia Hayfield’s new novel, Wife After Wife. Spanning from 1980s London to the present day, the book tells the story of Harry Rose, head of the Rose Corporation (think Virgin) and his many unfortunate relationships. Hayfield, who said she pondered how a man like Henry…
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EXCLUSIVE: Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia talks charity with Royal Central

On Thursday of last week, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia held a gala dinner in London at the Berkeley Hotel. This year’s dinner was also a memorable evening for a good cause. It all started with a reception where the 200 guests were served with a drink and the opportunity to talk to the royals and other prominent guests. A three-course dinner followed. During…
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Lady Jane Grey, England's Forgotten Queen: An interview with Dr Helen Castor (Part 1)

You might know her as “The Nine Days Queen,” and Lady Jane Grey has become a sort of tragic romantic figure in English history because of her short reign and eventual beheading. But who was this teenage girl who came to the throne as the first proclaimed queen of England, and should she really be considered a monarch at all? I met with Dr Helen Castor, historian, author, and BBC…
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Patronage Spotlight: The Duchess of Cambridge and East Anglia's Children's Hospices

A spotlight on royal support and patronages. Today we start a new series as Chief Reporter Kristin Contino explores some of the patronages of the British royal family. We’ll discuss the work they do, what it’s like working with a royal patron, and the impact these patrons have made on the various organisations.  Supporting the wellbeing of children has always been one of the major…
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