The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Mary, Princess Royal

You may have heard of this Princess of Orange before, as the 7th Princess of Orange was also an English Princess. Mary was the daughter of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France and also the first bearer of the title, ‘Princess Royal’, which was created by Henrietta Maria who wished to imitate the French ‘Madame Royale’ style. Mary was born on 4 November 1631 at St.
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Monarchy Rules: A Look At Stephen

King Stephen of England was born in Blois in France in either 1092 or 1096. It’s quite unusual that we do not have a birth date for a future king of England, but by the time of his birth it was no expected that he would ever be king. His parents were Stephen-Henry…
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Prince Harry releases personal photos from his African conservation work this past summer

Prince Harry has released personal photos and videos from his African conservation work this past summer. The 31-year-old Prince has spent three months in the summer working as a wildlife conservation volunteer to highlight the threat to elephants and rhinos from poachers. The pictures are from Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and show Harry in action alongside rangers who are…
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Will Prince Harry fade from the headlines?

Growing up in the shadow of a future monarch must be hard. Firstly, while raised as a prince/princess, it is a job that you may never fully fulfil. The chances of one day being sovereign are very slim and society expects you to find a career path to match their expectations…
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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award: A Rewarding Journey

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards Logo. On 18 November, The Duke of Edinburgh is to attend a ceremony known as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards which celebrates the youth. For almost 60 years now, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has been pushing youths to become better people by using a well-rounded model involving volunteering, physical activity, skills, and expeditions. According to…
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The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Louise de Coligny

Louise de Coligny, fourth wife of William the Silent. Louise de Coligny was the fourth and last wife of William the Silent. She was born on 23 September 1555 at Castle Châtillon-sur-Long as the second child, but first daughter of Gaspard de Coligny and Charlotte de Laval.

Five of Prince Charles's Eco-friendly endeavours

As today is Prince Charles’ 67th birthday, I have decided to take a look at just some of the work that goes to prove that the first-in-line to the throne will make a remarkable King one day. Charles has done a wonderful job at not only caring for his people but also the world we live in. The eco-friendly prince has many, many projects past and present to help sustain the planet, let us take…
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