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The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange

Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange, is better known in the Netherlands as Anna of Hanover. She was born in 1709 as the daughter of the future George II of Great Britain and Caroline of Ansbach. Her father had been away on a hunting trip and wrote to his wife, ‘I have just received the good news of the birth of a daughter at which I feel all imaginable please…I am only a bit…
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Ceremony for King Charles I

January 30th marks the anniversary of the execution of King Charles I in 1649 at Whitehall, London.The date is normally marked by a short ceremony in the Banqueting House at Whitehall, however this year the ceremony will not take place there due to the fact that the…
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A Very British Christmas

Are you eager to spend your Christmas as if you were a member of the British Royal Family? Clear your calendars, because you’re in for a busy week. Christmas with the Queen begins the week before, with a pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace for all members of the Royal…

A Very Spanish Christmas

The Spanish Christmas is kicked off in a rather unusual way every year – with the Loteria de Navidad, or the Christmas Lottery on December 22nd. School children announce the winning numbers of what is the most popular lottery throughout the year in Spain. Shortly afterwards is Christmas Eve, or Nochebuena as it is known in Spanish. Families gather together for a large dinner before attending…
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A Very Swedish Christmas

Next on our tour of Royal Christmas festivities is Sweden. Like any good celebration, the Swedish Royal Family keeps food in focus. With Queen Silvia’s birthday falling on December 23 her needs and wants are always taken to heart. One of her favourites is Weihnachtsstollen, which is a traditional loaf-shaped fruitcake from Germany soaked in brandy and covered with powdered sugar, served with…
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A Very Norwegian Christmas

Continuing our series looking at how royal families from across Europe celebrate Christmas, today we will be looking at Norway and their festive traditions. In Norway, Christmas time means family time, and that is no different for the Norwegian royal family. King Harald…

A Very Dutch Christmas

In the Netherlands, Christmas is very much the same, but earlier in the month, they also celebrate on December 5 with Sinterklaas (the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas) bringing presents. There is a large public event when Sinterklaas arrives, which the Dutch Royal Family has…
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The Fifteen Princesses of Orange: Mary II of England

The 8th Princess of Orange was also a British Princess and a namesake of the previous Princess. This Mary Stuart was born on 30 April 1662 as the daughter of James II of England and Anne Hyde. She grew up in the relative peace of Richmond Palace with her sister Anne. She spoke excellent French, learned to play several instruments, and she loved to read as well as dance. Despite her father’s…
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