Queen Victoria's wedding dress - a huge contrast to the deepest black of her mourning dresses we are used to seeing

Queen Victoria’s weddingdress is a powerful symbol of what she would refer to in her journal as the ‘happiest day of my life’.Most probably, it represents more than any other item of clothing or object, the Queen’s identity as a royal bride. Certainly, she chose to wear it again in 1847, when she was painted in her wedding attire by the fashionable portraitist Franz Xaver…
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History of unlucky royal names: Charles

Many names are considered unlucky by some and in royal circles, unlucky names are something ruling dynasties wish to avoid at all costs. From superstitions to strange goings-on during their reigns, Royal Central is looking at the history behind such monikers. For such a popular name, it is surprising that there have only been two kings with the name Charles; however, to say they both had…
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History of unlucky royal names: John

There are many names that some consider unlucky and in royal circles this is something various ruling dynasties have wished to avoid at all costs. From superstitions to strange goings on during their reigns, Royal Central is taking a look at the history behind some such monikers and why it is unlikely that we will see them re-used by any future monarchs. If you ask most royal historians who…
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The Norwegian King banned by the Pope

King Sverre Sigurdsson is the Norwegian king who the Pope banned. Sverre was King of Norway from 1177 to 1202, and shortly after Sverre took over the throne, conflicts with the church began. The Norwegian Archbishop had been allied with Sverre’s opponent to the throne…

The mysterious widow who almost stopped the Tudors from ruling

She was the long dead widow who was used by a king to overthrow his own nephew and yet her name is all but forgotten today. Eleanor Butler was the woman who helped change the royal history of England forever and almost brought one of its most famous dynasties to disaster before they had even secured the throne. But was she also Queen of England? Eleanor never claimed a crown for herself but as…
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