George V – The Queen's grandfather who made the modern monarchy

Most British monarchs have something that their reign is remembered for more than anything else, even if they actually had little to do with it beyond offering their support. Think of Queen Victoria and the Industrial Revolution, or George VI and the Second World War. But one monarch stands out for me as having a personal defining moment, something that he did, and which shaped the British…
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Royal Wedding Dresses: Alexandra of Denmark

It was one of the most talked about weddings of the 19th century. All eyes were on a young, Danish princess called Alexandra as she walked into St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on March 10th 1863 to marry Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Her groom was heir to Queen Victoria, her father first in line to the throne of Denmark. And so the gown chosen by the teenage bride had to fit the bill. And it…
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GALLERY: Diana’s pre-engagement brushes with the press

As engagement rumours swelled around Lady Diana Spencer before the official announcement on 24 February 1981, she was a fixture in paparazzi photographs. Here are some of the most iconic snaps taken of Lady Diana Spencer before she became engaged to The Prince of Wales 40 years ago! Embed from Getty Images This photo was taken outside of Diana’s flat in Coleherne Court, London, in…
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Former Brazilian Imperial Palace destroyed by fire is to be completely restored by 2024

The former Brazilian Imperial Palace, Paço de São Cristóvão, is set to be restored after being destroyed by a large fire.. Located in Rio de Janeiro, the historic palace was largely destroyed by the blaze on 2 September 2018. At the time, the former royal residence was being used as a museum and housed the major part of the collections of the National Museum of Brazil. The building served…
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