Taking a look at the use of King Harald's monogram

Most royalty have some kind of monogram. Most royals also have a personal and a family coat of arms. The monograms are for more personal use than the coat of arms, and therefore, we do not see them so often. In Norway, the case is that the King’s monogram is used by the King personally and in several instances which are closely related to His Majesty. In this article, we will look at King…
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Queen Margrethe approves the establishment of a new government in Denmark

Queen Margrethe has approved the establishment of a new government in Denmark following an election earlier in June. The discussions to form a new government started the day following the election on June 6. Queen Margrethe was asked by at the acting Prime Minister’s Council, that the Social Democrats Mette Frederiksen had to lead negotiations on the formation of a government. Frederiksen…
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European Royals

Bohemian royalists heavily involved in ongoing protests in the Czech Republic

Bohemian royalists are heavily involved in the protests against the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. This has been reported by some Czech media and the International Monarchist League. Amidst the huge protests, one can see the flags of the former kingdom of Bohemia and hear people shouting monarchist slogans during the protests. The monarchist-part of the protest is organized by “The…
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King Harald on water pollution: "This is one of the most serious things we can experience"

Last time the small town of Askøy was visited by royals was in 1611. On Thursday, King Harald and Queen Sonja visited the people at Askøy for a very special reason. To conclude the county tour of Hordaland the royals visited Askøy and the people here who have faced serious problems over the past month. Two weeks ago, Askøy municipality was hit by water pollution that has affected more than…
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