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Carl Gustaf’s time as Crown Prince

Sweden celebrates two significant royal jubilees this year; 2023 marks 500 years since Gustav Vasa became Sweden’s King, and it is also the Golden Jubilee since of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

On 29 October 1950, four-year-old Prince Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus, Duke of Jämtland, became the Crown Prince of Sweden after the death of King Gustaf V.

Carl Gustaf was educated privately at the Royal Palace and Broms School during his primary years and earned the nickname “Tjabo.” He then attended Sigtuna boarding school for his secondary education, graduating in 1966. He was gifted a light blue Volvo P1800 for his graduation.

His uncle, Prince Bertil and other government officials began preparing the Crown Prince for his time as monarch. He underwent military training and attended the Naval Officer Candidate School in 1968. He graduated as a Captain in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

The Crown Prince was confirmed at Borgholm Church on the island of Öland in 1962; his faith was important to him, but the role of head of the Church of Sweden is not one for the monarch. The following year, he attended the solemn opening of the Swedish Parliament, where he took the oath of allegiance. Through this, he pledged his loyalty to the crown, commitment to the rule of law, and adherence to the constitution.

Crown Prince Carl Gustaf’s Confirmation. By Ragnhild Haarstad – Svenska Dagbladet via IMS Vintage Photos, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

In 1968, Crown Prince Carl Gustaf moved to Uppsala to study sociology, political science, financial law, and economics at Uppsala University. During this time, he had his first interaction with the media when he held a press conference in his dormitory. The Crown Prince studied to get familiar with the subjects but did not obtain a degree. However, he did later study economics at Stockholm University.

He also prepared himself for his future role as monarch with visits to various Swedish institutions and represented Sweden internationally.

During the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, Crown Prince Carl Gustaf met German-born Silvia Sommerlath, who was working as a translator. They married four years later.

Crown Prince Carl Gustaf’s journey from his time as the Crown Prince to assuming the throne was marked by education, military service, and undertaking international engagements to gain experience before becoming monarch.

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