The Bavarian King of Northern Europe

When little Prince Christopher was born in Bavaria in 1416 as the son of a German Count, he hardly thought he would become king of three European nations. Yet that was exactly what he became. Christopher was born as a member of the house of Wittelsbach. He grew up in the safety of the Bavarian royal court and in his teens he served under the German Emperor. He must have been a very…
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Princess Märtha Louise of Norway criticizes paparazzi in new podcast

In a podcast interview, Princess Märtha Louise has criticized, among other things, the paparazzi. In the Norwegian podcast “Tut og mediekjør,” Princess Märtha Louise was vocal about the paparazzi pictures taken of her with her partner, Shaman Durek, in Hawaii in February this year and the impact this had on her and her daughters so soon after the death of her former husband, Ari…
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DenmarkPalaces & Buildings

Danish royal castles and museums set to reopen next week

Following the coronavirus lockdowns across Europe, some nations are starting to reopen slowly. Denmark has begun the first steps of relaxing restrictions, and as that continues, it’s been announced that some of the royal museums in the capital, Copenhagen, are set to reopen soon. All the parties of the Danish parliament met on Wednesday evening and agreed to reopen some facilities number…
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Queen Silvia and Germany's First Lady unite to fight abuse of children

Queen Silvia of Sweden had had a telephone meeting with the First Lady of Germany to discuss the opening of Germany’s third “Children’s Home”, set up to support and protect young people who have been subjected to sexual abuse. The initiative, started by Her Majesty the Queen of Sweden, offers children help from doctors, judges, psychologists and social services all in one…
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