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Crown Prince Haakon reveals the future royal role of his son, Prince Sverre Magnus

While the future of Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway has been known from birth, the role her younger brother, Prince Sverre Magnus, will have in royal life has been much debated. Now, their father, Crown Prince Haakon, has revealed the part his youngest child will play in his royal family in the years to come.

During an interview with Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, last week, Crown Prince Haakon, shared what he thinks about his son’s future in the royal family.

Crown Prince Haakon says: “I expect that he will have to find his own way in life. It is Ingrid who is going to take over the role. Magnus will probably be involved in something, but I probably don’t think he will have an official role or a full-time position. That is not the plan. So, he has to find something he wants to do in life”.

There has been no shortage of examples in European royal houses recently where the so-called ” spare”, the royal child who will not take over the throne, has in various ways expressed difficulties in finding his way in the royal role.

In response to a follow-up question about what the Crown Prince thinks about this, he says: “I think figuring out life is hard for everyone. It is not that different from too many other people. After all, we all live with limitations, challenges and things that happen in life that are difficult, which we have to deal with in one way or another. And this is our life, and the things we have to deal with. Life is not always straight forward and simple, sometimes it is demanding and difficult. Then you just have to try to find a solution that is as good as possible.”

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