Donald Trump reportedly wants to buy a part of the Kingdom of Denmark

American President Donald Trump has expressed his interest in buying a part of the Danish kingdom. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Trump is interested in buying the world’s biggest island, Greenland, which is a self-governed part of the Danish kingdom and ruled by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. However, it is uncertain whether the interest is due to financial reasons or something…
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Royal Relations: How Elizabeth II is linked to Harald V of Norway

In a new summer series, Royal Central looks at the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and the other monarchs of Europe. This time we look at the relationship between the British Queen and the King of Norway. There have always been close links between the Norwegian and British royal houses, all the way back to the Viking era when Norwegian kings also ruled over parts of what is today Britain.
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King Harald and King Felipe took part a sailing regatta in Mallorca

This past weekend two kings met under a common interest. His Majesty King Harald of Norway and His Majesty King Felipe of Spain took part in the sailing regatta “Copa del Rey” in Mallorca, Spain. A total of 14 boats from eight nations, Germany, Spain, Austria, England, Italy, Norway, Russia and Sweden participated in the Club Swan50 class when the Copa Del Rey regatta started on 27 July.
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Queen Letizia visits the National Library of Spain

Her Majesty Queen of Letizia of Spain made a visit to the National Library of Spain on Tuesday of this week. The Queen visited the library to inaugurate two of the newly renovated reading rooms, the general hall, which now goes on to be called María Moliner, and the press…
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The Duke of Braganza defends Portuguese bullfighting

The Duke of Braganza and pretender to the Portuguese throne, Dom Duarte Pio, has said in an interview with Portuguese media that “all those who oppose bullfighting, oppose Portuguese traditions and culture” even though he “understands that for emotional and sentimental reasons” many people are ”shocked by some aspects of bullfighting”. This is reported by the…
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