Queen Letizia visits the National Library of Spain

Her Majesty Queen of Letizia of Spain made a visit to the National Library of Spain on Tuesday of this week. The Queen visited the library to inaugurate two of the newly renovated reading rooms, the general hall, which now goes on to be called María Moliner, and the press and magazines room named Larra. Accompanied by the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, and the director of the…
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Queen Margrethe visits the new suburbs of Sønderborg

Queen Margrethe of Denmark is currently on summer holiday with her family at Gråsten castle. On Saturday, she took a short break from her vacation to visit the people at the small village of Sønderborg. This Danish city has created a brand new suburb and the Queen accepted the invitation to take a closer look at it. In addition to inspecting a new Multicultural House with library and art…
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European Royals

Prince Ferdinand of Bismarck dies at 88

Prince Ferdinand of Bismarck, has died at the age of 88 years old. The news was first reported by the German paper, Bunte. The prince passed away following complications experienced during surgery. He leaves behind him his wife, Princess Elisabeth and their three children. He is followed by his son, Carl-Eduard von Bismarck, who is now regarded as the new Prince of Bismarck. Ferdinand was the…
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Prince Napoleon's journey to Norway in 1856

In August 1856, Christiania received an exceptionally grand visit. Seven royals from three royal houses, one Imperial house and a princely house were gathered in Norway’s capital that summer. One of them was Napoleon, although it wasn’t the Napoleon most of us…

Crown Princess Katherine sends humanitarian help to Kosovo and Metohija

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia has, in order to help the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija again this year, sent a donation worth more than 10,000 dollars to the food depository of “Mother of the Nine Jugovic.” The Serbian Royal Court informs that the packages for the Serbian population consist of basic food likes flour, pasta, beans, rice, spices, soups, oils, and sugar.
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