5 luxury perfumes worthy of a queen

Many people understand members of the royal family rarely use any fragrance for formal occasions. It makes sense: perfumes create a different smell around them and can set the mood and influence the decisions of others. Furthermore, everyone has a personal preference for Eau…
The Kents

Who is Prince Michael of Kent, cousin to The Queen?

Prince Michael (b. 4 July 1942) is the younger brother of the Duke of Kent and paternal first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. As a five-year-old, he was a pageboy at the wedding of the then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. He was educated at Sunningdale School and Eton, before entering the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, during his life he has always been active in learning languages and…
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George V – The Queen's grandfather who made the modern monarchy

Most British monarchs have something that their reign is remembered for more than anything else, even if they actually had little to do with it beyond offering their support. Think of Queen Victoria and the Industrial Revolution, or George VI and the Second World War. But one monarch stands out for me as having a personal defining moment, something that he did, and which shaped the British…
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The Royal Family has turned into the world’s worst soap opera – it is an embarrassment to the UK and Commonwealth

If you turn on the news, you might be mistaken into thinking you are accidentally watching an episode of EastEnders when the latest report about The Royal Family makes it to air. No, Nicholas Witchell is not talking about the latest exploits of the residents of Albert Square, but rather Buckingham Palace. Just when you think the whole Sussex debacle cannot possibly get any more absurd, new…
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