The Sussexes

Why is Prince Harry's Irish title so controversial?

Prince Harry is best known as the Duke of Sussex – a title granted to him by The Queen in May 2018 upon his marriage to Meghan Markle. A lesser known title also bestowed upon him was Baron Kilkeel – a subsidiary peerage which the prince can use when he visits Northern Ireland. However, when it was announced that Harry would become the Baron Kilkeel, it caused controversy on the…
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How did Queen Mary become known as ‘Bloody Mary’?

While King Henry VIII lived, his greatest fear was dying without a male heir to the throne. As it turns out, he needn’t have worried, for when he died in 1547, King Henry was succeeded by his son Edward VI. But the new King Edward was very frail and sickly boy of nine, and in just six short years he succumbed to his illness, bringing his reign to an end and leaving the throne unoccupied once…
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FeaturesThe Kents

Edward, Duke of Kent: a lifetime of support to the Monarchy

Prince Edward (b. 9 October 1935) has been Duke of Kent since 1942, following the sad death of his father in a flying accident when he was nearly seven-years-old. He is not only a cousin to Queen Elizabeth, by his father who was a younger brother of King George VI, but he is also related to the Duke of Edinburgh through his mother, Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark. She was the last foreign…
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The Wessexes

REVEALED: Why Is Prince Edward An Earl, Not A Duke?

In any Royal commentator’s books, the announcement in 1999 that Prince Edward would be made an Earl and not a Duke on his wedding day gave quite a shock. By tradition, male children of the sovereign receive a Dukedom on their wedding day, therefore making their new wife, the Duchess of X rather than the slightly more confusing ‘HRH Princess Michael of Kent’ as happened for Prince Michael’s…
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