Moments that defined the British Monarchy – The abdication and scandal of Edward VIII

On 20 January 1936, Britain’s King George V died. George V was a popular monarch with strong public morals, his son, the Prince of Wales acceded to the throne upon his father’s death. He became King Edward VIII, a name chosen as opposed to King David as there had been no British King David before. At first, Edward VIII’s public popularity was promising. But this wasn’t to last, behind the…
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We will never see a 'Princess Catherine' - can we please have the grace to use her correct title?

Many people assume that because the Princess of Wales is a member of the Royal Family (and is married to a prince), she automatically takes the title of ‘Princess Catherine’. In this post, we will explain why this isn’t the case and why, to the disappointment of many fans, she will – as things stand – never hold the title ofPrincess Kate. The drama began with the declaration on…
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Who was Prince Rainier III of Monaco?

On what would be his 100th birthday, we take a look at Prince Rainier III: Prince Rainier III of Monaco was born on 31 May 1923 in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. He was the younger child and only son of Monégasque Hereditary Princess Charlotte, Duchess of…
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The Duchess of Kent - the royal who is a direct descendant of Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell

It is widely reported that one in 200 people alive today are descended from the bloodthirsty Genghis Khan. The same can’t be said for the former Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, although it may surprise you that one senior member of the British Royal Family is a direct descendant of the arch-republican. The royal in question is the Duchess of Kent, who married intoThe Royal Family in…
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Is Meghan a Princess? Technically yes - but it is more complicated than that

The Duchess of Sussex is not known as ‘Princess Meghan’ for exactly the same reasons that the Duchess of Cambridge is not known as ‘Princess Catherine’. Although both women listed their job titles as ‘Princess of the United Kingdom’, neither woman is afforded the title. Upon their marriage in 2018, The Queen granted Prince Harry the title of Duke of Sussex, with Meghan…
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