The Duke of Edinburgh

Take a look at the Duke of Edinburgh's most famous gaffes

Royal Central have compiled together some of his most famous, yet hilarious gaffes. The list below details remarks be has made about celebrities, places and even his own family. Madonna After being told that Madonna would be performing the Die Another Day theme tune back in 2002, Prince Philip famously quipped: “Are we going to need earplugs?” Elton John Sir Elton John has long…
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Wallis and Edward: Love Over Duty

It was on January 10, 1931 at Burrough Court that Miss. Wallis Simpson was introduced to Edward, Prince of Wales for the first time. Wallis was a divorced woman who was then married to Ernest Aldrich Simpson, a shipping executive, and Edward was the Heir Apparent to the…

Titles on Downton Abbey explained

Downton Abbey is, without doubt, one of the most popular TV shows produced in recent decades. The show gives us a look at the life of the Crawleys, a fictional aristocratic family who run and own the Downton estate. Set in the early 1900s, the show gives a fairly accurate idea of life for the aristocracy at this time and the changes that the first world war brought to the United Kingdom’s…
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The Kents

Senior government minister witnessed the birth of Princess Alexandra to ensure there was no baby swapping

In years gone by, it was customary for the birth of any royal baby to be witnessed by the UK Home Secretary ensuring the new arrival was genuine. The Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra, was the last royal to have had her birth witnessed by the by an official political observer in 1936. Sir John Simon, Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for the Home Office, was present when Princess…
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The Queen

Is it true that The Queen is above the law?

For centuries, the reigning Monarch in Britain has been considered the font of justice. But what does this mean, and does it mean The Queen can do whatever she wants without legal repercussions? We’re about to take a look back at the days when Monarchs played a vital role…

The tragedy of the last Stuart Monarch - Queen Anne’s 18 pregnancies

Queen Anne quite frankly had a tremendous reign becoming the first Monarch of a united single sovereign state, known as Great Britain in 1707 as well as showing her worth as a Queen Regnant in a male dominated society. Though tragedy was never far away from the last of the Stuarts as not many people will be aware that Queen Anne became pregnant an astonishing 18 times, though not one of her…
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