The Editors' Debate: No - The Queen should NOT wear the Crown to the State Opening of Parliament

Following on from Desk Editor Lydia Starbuck’s opinion piece that The Queen should wear her crown for the State Opening of Parliament next week, Editor-in-Chief Charlie Proctor says the regalia should be left in the Tower of London where it belongs. Imagine walking over to your 93-year-old grandmother and making her balance a shoe, a block of butter and a guinea pig on her head all at…
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The Royal Central Podcast: should abdication be the new norm?

This week’s Royal Central podcast looks ahead to the enthronement of the new Emperor of Japan. As well as the latest behind the scenes news on the guest list from our Deputy Editor, Brittani Barger, there’s also a debate about whether abdication is changing the way we view monarchies and questions about whether, in the 21st century, monarchs stepping aside is the preferred way of…
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Exploring Royal Scotland: The Royal Yacht Britannia

In honour of The Queen’s Holyrood Week, we’re taking a look at royal history in and around Edinburgh. Our senior reporter Kristin Contino headed to Scotland to find out more about some favourite royal spots. “Britannia is the one place where I can truly relax,” The Queen once said, and when you tour the ship for yourself, you can understand exactly why. The decommissioned yacht, now…
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Opinion: Prove you aren’t heartless, King Albert, and take the DNA test

Below is an opinion on the ongoing saga of Delphine Boël and her quest to have King Albert recognise her as his daughter, by our Deputy Editor, Brittani Barger. King Albert, by continuing to drag out this paternity suit, you only further damage your reputation. It makes you seem heartless and cruel not to take a simple DNA test. Delphine just wants her father to recognise her, which is entirely…
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