A quiet leadership restores faith in the monarchy: 10 years of King Philippe

King Philippe is about to celebrate his tenth anniversary on the throne of Belgium, with many successes behind him that surprised his past detractors.  Many considered him too quiet and shy to be an effective leader, and when King Albert II announced his decision to abdicate, many were sceptical of Philippe’s abilities to carry the duties of a head of state on his shoulders.  However…
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OpinionThe Netherlands

OPINION: Focus on Princess Amalia's potential and don't body shame her

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands has been on a trip with her parents, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, to the Dutch Caribbean. The Princess of Orange is visiting Bonaire, Aruba, Curaçao, St Maarten, St Eustatius and Saba – all countries Amalia will one day be monarch of; the Royal House has said the tour is meant to introduce the Princess to the Caribbean part of the Dutch…
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OpinionQueen Camilla

Queen Camilla has made a mistake in scrapping the role of ‘Lady-in-Waiting’ - just leave it be!

Royal Central’s editor, Charlie Proctor, explains below why he believes Queen Camilla has made the wrong decision in scrapping the role of Lady-in-Waiting. The news that Queen Camilla has decided to ditch the role of Lady-in-Waiting certainly didn’t come as a surprise. It has long been expected that when King Charles would ascend to the throne, he and Camilla would make efforts to…
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OPINION: Why King Harald and Queen Sonja are right about Americans and monarchies

King Harald and Queen Sonja recently caused some controversy after making comments about Americans. On 8 November, their daughter, Princess Märtha Louise, announced she would step back from royal duties and relinquish her patronages. The Norwegian Royal Court said: ”Princess Märtha Louise wishes to differentiate more clearly between her own activities and her relationship with the…
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