The Royal Family has turned into the world’s worst soap opera – it is an embarrassment to the UK and Commonwealth

If you turn on the news, you might be mistaken into thinking you are accidentally watching an episode of EastEnders when the latest report about The Royal Family makes it to air. No, Nicholas Witchell is not talking about the latest exploits of the residents of Albert Square, but rather Buckingham Palace. Just when you think the whole Sussex debacle cannot possibly get any more absurd, new…
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OpinionThe Sussexes

The stark contrast in reaction to Meghan’s miscarriage compared to that of Zara Tindall’s exposes the ugly racism entrenched in society

On Wednesday, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that she sufferedthe “almost unbearable grief”ofa miscarriage in July. Writing an article in theNew York Times, Meghan shared her experiences, saying:“I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second.” Her openness and transparency on miscarriage has been widely praised, with it being…
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OpinionThe Yorks

The wrong York wants to take on royal duties

This weekend, the wrong York announced that they would like to take on official royal duties. That’s right, beleaguered Prince Andrew, whose annus horribilis kicked off last November with a disastrous News Night interview to defend himself against allegations of wrongdoing and his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and culminated mere weeks later with the announcement that…
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Princess Anne's best royal fashion recycle

How pleased was I to see the fabulously floral, frilled fashion statement worn by Princess Anne to the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana brought to life in all its gaudy glory for the new season of The Crown? Very, that’s how much, for not only is the outfit worn by actress Erin Doherty for the dramatic retelling of the most famous royal wedding of them all a pretty accurate recreation, it’s…
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