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Do we take Princess Anne for granted?

Do we take Princess Anne for granted? This could be the shortest opinion piece in history—yes, we definitely take Princess Anne for granted. Last week, she undertook 11 engagements that were painstakingly detailed by the Royal Family’s Twitter account, and for that…relatively little fanfare from the press and from royal watchers. Of course she’d be that busy, we reason, she’s Princess…
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Atlantic Crossing - Fact vs Fiction - a series full of mistakes that many viewers will simply accept as facts

Royal Central’s Senior Europe Correspondent Oskar Aanmoen, who is based in Oslo, talks us through the inaccuracies contained within Atlantic Crossing – an eight-part series looking at the plight of the Norwegian Crown Princess during World War II. Atlantic Crossing is now airing on PBS in the United States and Canada. It is an eight-part mini-series, looking at the Crown Princess of…
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Review: The Royal Key

Known for her Diana, Princess of Wales series, Deb Stratas has stepped into fiction with The Royal Key. The Royal Key focuses on Canadian protagonist Annabelle, who is struggling to overcome a personal tragedy. Before she knows it, she is nannying royal children in a…
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OPINION: my own royal anniversary - ten years of royal watching

Ten years ago today, I was introduced to the world of royalty. As an American, I was not accustomed to the idea of royalty, let alone the British Royal Family. That all changed on April 29, 2011. I was a sophomore in college, studying to become a nurse. My semester had ended two days prior, and I was home, recovering from final exams. My mother had mentioned a “royal wedding” of the…
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The Queen’s biggest mistake of the last decade was allowing Charles & Andrew to oust Lord Geidt from the Royal Household

For as long as there has been a monarchy, there has been turbulence with the Royal Household having to deal with a variety of crises that land at their door. The most pressing issue for The Queen, and indeed the entire institution, is the Duke & Duchess of Sussex and the serious allegations they have raised about the workings of the royals. In my opinion, this situation could have been…
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