The Gloucesters

Who is the Duke of Gloucester?

The Queen’s cousin celebrates his 75th birthday Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester was born on the 26 August 1944; the youngest grandchild of King George V and Queen Mary, and the younger of two brothers born to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester and his wife, Princess Alice. Shortly after his birth, he went to Australia for three years whilst his father was Governor-General there before…
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Could The Queen be made Empress of Great Britain?

On1 May 1876, Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress Of India after discussion with Prime Minister of the day, Benjamin Disraeli led to Queen Victoria wanting a title boost after her daughter became Empress Of Germany. From 1876 until the Empire Of India was disbanded…

A King's last journey

Frederick II, accorded the epithet ‘the Great’ already during his own lifetime, had in fact, a whole other life after death, aside from his legacy. The great King’s legend stalks the eighteenth century like a gigantic historic shadow, much as the oversize silhouette of him prowls the terrace at his beloved refuge of Sanssouci, the palace he built for himself at Potsdam, as portrayed by the…
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The Kents

Who is Prince Michael of Kent?

Prince Michael (b. 4 July 1942) is the younger brother of the Duke of Kent and paternal first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. As a five-year-old, he was a pageboy at the wedding of the then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. He was educated at Sunningdale School and Eton…
HistoryRoyal Weddings

Flowers from the weddings of Queen Victoria's daughters

On the upper floor of the Swiss Cottage at Osborne, a rustic structure carved with Biblical texts in German and built behind the individual garden plots belonging to each of the royal children, today’s visitor finds this large room set as if for tea, with napkins turned to the shape of the Prince of Wales’ feathers, as if the Royal Family are at any moment, expected. An afternoon memorialised…
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Music for a Queen: Mozart and Queen Charlotte

The first and only time that the boy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited London occurred between 1764-5, at about the half-way point of the Mozart family’s monumental European Grand Tour, which was to prove pivotal in Wolfgang’s developmental process as a composer, the…

The History of The Royals at Ascot

As Royal Ascot approaches, horse racing fans begin to anticipate the winners and losers of the event. But one of the main features of Royal Ascot is, of course, the attendance of the Queen and members of the Royal family. As the name suggests, this competition has a rich…

'For my darling Nicky': A gift for the Tsarevich

On 29 May 1894, Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia wrote to his mother, Empress Marie Feodorovna, that he could see the sea from the room in which he was writing, in the imperial palace of Peterhof and that he had ‘such a longing for the yacht and want to fly there to join my betrothed’(Edward J. Bing, Letters of Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Marie, 81). He planned to leave for England on 31st…
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