Take a look at Fabergé’s Easter Eggs - extraordinary creations of beauty which continue to fascinate

Probably best known for the exquisite Easter eggs that he crafted for the Russian Imperial house of Romanov, Peter Carl Fabergé was Russia’s premier master goldsmith at the beginning of the twentieth century, the House of Fabergé having been founded in St. Petersburg by his father, Gustav Fabergé in 1842. Although Fabergé would go on to design spectacular objects of ornamentation such…
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The Queen’s biggest mistake of the last decade was allowing Charles & Andrew to oust Lord Geidt from the Royal Household

For as long as there has been a monarchy, there has been turbulence with the Royal Household having to deal with a variety of crises that land at their door. The most pressing issue for The Queen, and indeed the entire institution, is the Duke & Duchess of Sussex and the serious allegations they have raised about the workings of the royals. In my opinion, this situation could have been…
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The Queen's Consent and legislative veto powers explained

Much has been made of the Queen allegedly blocking a law from being passed in the 1970s, claims which Buckingham Palace says are “simply untrue”. According to documents seen by The Guardian, The Queen’s personal lawyers successfully persuaded ministers to change a draft law in order to conceal her private wealth. These ‘veto’ powers have been around for centuries and are part of…
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The tragedy of the last Stuart Monarch – Queen Anne’s 18 pregnancies

Queen Anne quite frankly had a tremendous reign becoming the first Monarch of a united single sovereign state, known as Great Britain in 1707 as well as showing her worth as a Queen Regnant in a male dominated society. Though tragedy was never far away from the last of the Stuarts as not many people will be aware that Queen Anne became pregnant an astonishing 18 times, though not one of her…
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