Palaces & Buildings

As the Cambridge family move out, take a look at the history of Kensington Palace

The Royal Household officially has confirmed that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and their three children are moving out of Kensington Palace for a cottage in Windsor. Kensington Palace has been home to many royals throughout history. In this article Royal Central takes a look at the property which is rich in royal history. Where is it located? Kensington Palace is still the capital…
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Prince George - King George VII or VIII?

The expectation is that Prince George of Cambridge will one day become King George VII when he succeeds his father to the throne, but as with all things royal, the truth might not be quite so simple. Upon accession to the throne, monarchs are perfectly entitled to be…

Thank you Your Majesty for saying what we have all been thinking - of course Camilla should become Queen

Finally, rejoice! Ever since Royal Central first launched in 2012, we have been vocal campaigners for one particular cause – that Camilla should be afforded the title of Queen Consort when Charles becomes King. Now, 17 years after the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall wed at Windsor, common sense has finally prevailed – an acceptance within the Royal Household that Camilla…
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Four bad lads and a wicked Queen

Sometimes we gloss over the men and women who were in the background, making decisions and participating in some rather wicked behaviour. The following are just a few who made the cut of those who behaved poorly in English history. Queen Isabella of France and Roger…

Princess Charlene's Christmas reunion with her children

It has been revealed that Princess Charlene of Monaco had a festive meeting with Prince Albert and their two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, shortly before the Christmas period. According to Marie Clare, the Monegasque sovereign took the twins to see Charlene shortly before Christmas, spending around four hours with the Princess. The publication reports that the family…
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Prince & Princess of Wales

Will Prince William Be Prince Of Wales?

It has come to our attention recently that there is some confusion about Prince William and the Duchess Of Cambridge’s placement in terms of entitlement to titles, in order to try and redress this, here’s our short, yet we hope informative guide, to what Prince William is in line for when his father succeeds to the throne. Apologies for the recent succession of titles and future based posts…
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