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Buckingham Palace video shows Palace restoration project

buckingham palace
The Royal Family/Twitter

A new video from Buckingham Palace shows work being done to restore the iconic building. More specifically, the video shows how officials are working to preserve its historic nineteenth-century wallpaper in the Yellow Drawing Room.

The vital work will protect the wallpaper from getting damaged as nearby construction work continues as part of the Reservicing programme. Once the work is completed, the restored wallpaper will return to its home in the Yellow Drawing Room.

Designed by Edward Blore in the 1840s, the Yellow Drawing Room located in the East Wing of Buckingham Palace was built for Queen Victoria to provide more entertaining and living space for her expanding family.

Blore’s design includes the famous central balcony on the front facade of the Palace. A suggestion by Prince Albert, the balcony is used on many occasions such as Royal weddings, and the annual Trooping the Colour.

According to a video posted by the Royal family, the Reservicing programme is vital in order to mitigate the risk of fire and flood damage. Ensuring that any old wiring throughout the Palace is up to code with current health and safety standards.

The Palace’s electrical cabling, plumbing, and heating have not been updated since the 1950s. It’s said a complete overhaul to the building’s infrastructure is urgent to prevent long-term damage to the building and its contents.

The refurbishment is also set to improve visitor access and to make the Palace more energy efficient.

The phased programme is expected to take over the course of the next ten years. However, the Palace will remain occupied and fully operational during that period.

The Palace is typically open for tourism in the late summer as The Queen is up at her Scottish estate, Balmoral Castle located in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire.

Annually, the Palace hosts almost 100,00 guests and attracts over 15 million tourists.

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