The Spanish monarchy is strengthened by the failed Catalonian independent referendum

Oskar Aanmoen offers his take on the referendum in Catalonia, and why he thinks its failure has increased the popularity of the Spanish Royal Family. During the last few weeks, the Spanish monarchy has increased its popularity and support in Spain as a result of the failure of the referendum in Catalonia for independence. Yesterday, Catalonia conducted a referendum in which they voted on the…
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While allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia is a step forward, there is still a long way to go

Brittani Barger explains why allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia is a welcome step, but argues that there is still a long way to go for women’s rights in the region. The news that King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued a decree allowing women to be given driving licences was applauded by many as a significant step forward for women’s rights in the conservative Middle Eastern…
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Book Review: Prince Philip, Wise Words and Golden Gaffes

If you’ve been looking for a compendium of Prince Philip’s gaffes and quips, then Prince Philip, Wise Words and Golden Gaffes is the perfect book for your shelf. The Duke of Edinburgh, who recently announced his retirement after 70 years of dedicated service to the Commonwealth and his wife, the Queen, has made headlines for just as long – some good, some bad. But one thing you can count on…
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In the beginning: The House of Orange-Nassau

This edition of “In the beginning” focuses on the House of Orange-Nassau and both the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg fall under this dynasty. William I, Prince of Orange was the founder of the House of Orange-Nassau when, in 1544, he…
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Book review: Diana Survivor

The last few months have seen the publication of many books and articles and airing of lots of TV shows about Diana, Princess of Wales who died twenty years ago this past August. These shows and articles usually examine Diana’s final days and explain what effect her death…

The first princess of African origin: Princess Angela of Liechtenstein

In January 2000, Angela Gisela Brown became the first person of African heritage to marry into a ruling European family. The marriage was ground-breaking in Liechtenstein and the union did receive negative remarks from some of the royal family, although most were happy for the couple and did not express any prejudice towards their new princess. Angela was born in Panama into an ordinary family and…
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