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The five worst royal quotes of 2017

Members of the Royal Family take up important positions as they represent their country. Therefore, they are expected to act dignified, diplomatic and are expected to be on their best behaviour at all times. However, not all royals succeed in this task. From time to time some royals speak up unexpectedly. This was no different in 2017. Here are the top five worst royal quotes of 2017. 5. “My…
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All the Royals Who Live at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace was, in its original form, a Jacobean mansion built in 1605, and bought by William and Mary in 1689. They directed Sir Christopher Wren to renovate and expand the building, and Wren added a three-storey pavilion at each corner to create more space for the Royal Family. The Palace was, until the time of George II, the favoured house of the monarch. In its illustrious history, it…
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Christmas Trees: A Royal History

Prince Albert is generally credited with introducing the Christmas tree to Britain, but in fact, it was the work of his wife’s grandmother, Queen Charlotte. Like Prince Albert, Charlotte was born and raised in Germany, where the tradition of bringing a tree inside at…
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A look at the top five royal residences

The British Monarchy has acquired residences across Great Britain through the centuries and moulded them to their own preferences. We look at the top five royal residences, how they were acquired, how they have changed over the centuries and the use that Queen Elizabeth II and her family use them now. Buckingham Palace Gadgetdube/Flickr You might be mistaken in thinking that Buckingham Palace…
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Review: Darling Queen – Dear Old Bones

I have long been advocating for more books to be written in English about the royals of mainland Europe, so I was thrilled to hear about and readDarling Queen – Dear Old Bones:Queen Wilhelmina’s correspondence with her English governess Miss Saxton…
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Kate & Meghan: The new faces of feminism

2017 has been an exciting year for feminism. Women have supported each other as many brave ladies (and some men) have found their voices against their abusers, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is only 37-years-old, and Saudi Arabia is finally allowing women to drive. As the engagement of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry was announced, some found the need to pick a side; Team…
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