May Jewels: Queen Mary's Deal with a Duchess

The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara is one of the most impressive pieces in The Queen’s tiara collection. It is one of her favourite tiaras and is frequently worn for different events. It is notable, not only for its sheer size and brilliance but for the fact that it can be worn with either 15 pearls or 15 emeralds hanging from the diamond circles. But how did it end up in the British Royal…
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Royal Pictures from History: A moment of unity on VE Day

It is one of the most famous pictures in royal history, a moment when a Monarch and his people were completely united. As World War Two came to an end in Europe, King George VI and his family stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace surrounded by the cheers of thousands. With them, the wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, whose leadership had already made him a legend. On the 75th…
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Royal History Mystery: Who set fire to Sweden's Royal Palace?

On May 7 1697, a fire broke out and destroyed much of the old royal palace in Stockholm. The castle Tre Kronor, or Three Crowns in English, is now only a footnote in history with the present royal palace of Stockholm built above the ruins of the old middle-aged castle that burned down over 320 years ago. But why exactly did the castle burn to ashes so mysteriously and suddenly? Tre Kronor…
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Royal History Mystery: Did Princess Louise have children?

Princess Louise, the sixth child and fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, holds an interesting spot in history. She supported higher education for women and feminist causes and was closely involved in the arts – not at all common for a Victorian princess. In opposition to her siblings, her mother wanted her to marry a British suitor rather than a foreign one. Louise married…
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