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90 Years of Grace: Her '80s Style

Today we’re looking back at some of Princess Grace’s most stylish moments of the 1980s. Before her untimely death in 1982, Grace maintained an active schedule of royal duties. She also struck up a friendship with Diana, Princess of Wales, prior to her wedding, and the two met frequently. Other major events she attended included Hollywood tributes and family weddings. Princess Grace…
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Mistress who cast doubt on a royal marriage returns to Buckingham Palace

Her king called her his ”wife of heart and soul” even though their actual, secret union was declared invalid. Now the woman who cast a shadow over the reign of George IV and even the succession to his throne is returning to Buckingham Palace. A portrait of Maria Fitzherbert, who wed the future George IV after they fell hopelessly in love, is to be displayed at the Queen’s…
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Royals and witchcraft: Eleanor Cobham

Eleanor Cobham is perhaps one of the lesser known royal wives of medieval times. As with most women of her time, not much is known of her youth. She was born around 1400, probably at Sterborough Castle in Kent, which didn’t survive the reign of Oliver Cromwell. Her parents were Reginald Cobham, 3rd Baron Sterborough, 3rd Lord Cobham and Eleanor Culpeper. When she was around 22 years old, she…
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Tales of Tudor ghosts: Jane Seymour

She was the queen who gave Henry VIII the son he so desired but Jane Seymour’s story had far from a happy ending. The consort died just a few days after presenting the Tudor monarch with his longed for male heir and is now said to haunt one of the most famous royal…

Tales of Tudor Ghosts: Catherine Howard

As Hallowe’en approaches, ghost stories abound. The nights are drawing in, darkness is falling and amidst the swirling mists of late autumn evenings come tales of mystery. This Hallowe’en, Royal Central is taking a look at some of the best known tales of regal…
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Palace of Russian Tsar to reopen

A Russian imperial residence is to reopen following extensive rehabilitation. This is the Alexander Palace in St Petersburg which over the past three years has been renovated for more than £24 million (or 31 million US dollars or 2 billion Russian rubles). The palace was the last home of Tsar Nicholas II before he was executed along with his family. It was from the Alexander Palace that the Tsar…
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