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Mike Tindall has a heartfelt conversation with the Duchess of Gloucester as they join forces on rare joint appearance

The Duchess of Gloucester and Mike Tindall have come together to conduct a rare virtual joint engagement to mark Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Birgitte is Patron of Parkinson’s UK – a role she has held since 1997, and Mike has been Patron of Cure Parkinson’s since 2018. The two royals spoke via video call on Wednesday 7th April to draw attention to the need to find a cure for…
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The Duchess of Gloucester walks 11,000 steps each day as part of a challenge to honour those who have died from prostate cancer

The Duchess of Gloucester has been taking part in the March the Month challenge this March to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. As their Patron, she has been walking every day in honour of the 11,000 men who die from prostate cancer every year in the UK. The March the Month challenges people to walk 11,000 steps every day for the men who lose their lives to prostate cancer. It…
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The Royal Year in Review: the Gloucesters

An overseas visit, engagements focused on improving global relations and a focus on interfaith dialogue. All were part of the Duke of Gloucester’s 2020 diary, before the coronavirus pandemic struck, yet the work of this discreet royal and his equally low key wife often go unnoticed. Yet in a year when the Royal Family have faced ongoing challenges, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester have…
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Who was Prince William of Gloucester?

Nowadays, he is referred to as ‘The Other Prince William’, but who was Prince William of Gloucester and why was his life cut so tragically short? On 18 December 1941, Prince William Henry Andrew Frederick was born in Barnet, Hertfordshire to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester. Through his father, he was one of the youngest grandchildren of King George V…
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