The Illegitimate Royals: William IV and Mrs Jordan's family

Illegitimate children are not uncommon in royal families, especially in past centuries. Marriages were used for dynastic and political reasons and not for love. However, the children of George III were rather well-known for their illegitimate children. William IV and Mrs Jordan’s family of illegitimate children was one of the largest families of George II’s children.  Dorothea Jordan (also…
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The Edinburghs

Sophie's support for the countryside

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, has become a dedicated senior member of the Royal Family in the last decade. She has chosen to support a number of different causes and represents The Queen across the Commonwealth. Her Royal Highness is a patron to a number of organisations…

Where to see Wallis Simpson's fashion

Wallis Simpson was a polarising figure in the British Royal Family and continues to divide royal watchers today. Born on 19 June 1896 as Bessie Wallis Warfield, Simpson would go on to marry the former King Edward VIII. The women in the British Royal Family have been using fashion and style to make statements for centuries. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother very specifically used fashion to create…
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Who is Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark?

Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark is the youngest daughter and second youngest child of exiled Greek King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie (born a Princess of Denmark). Her older siblings include Princess Alexia, Crown Prince Pavlos, and Prince Nikolas, and she has…

Victoria Series 3 - What Do We Know So Far?

The hit television show Victoria is back with a third series, with the first episode airing on Sunday, 24 March at 9pm on ITV. Jenna Coleman returns as a young Queen Victoria with Tom Hughes returning as Prince Albert, her husband. While the first two seasons have focused on the start of Victoria’s reign and the beginning of Victoria and Albert’s relationship, this series delves into…
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