The fatal flaws of British republicanism

by on 1st June 2014


Those who follow me on Twitter will know I’m often enlisted in arguments with republicans on all manner of topics. Almost invariably, however, over the nature of monarchy. Whilst it’s easy to scorn and berate Monarchy for being old fashioned, very little do we have the opportunity to compare Monarchy like-for-like with a republic. I tend […]

The ups and downs of reforming peerage succession

by on 20th May 2014

The Marquess of Cholmondeley and the Duke of Norfolk, the Lord Great Chamberlain and the Earl Marshal.

Last week the Courtier reported that the bid to allow daughters to inherit peerages is to be given another chance in this final session of the present Parliament thanks to Lord Trefgarne’s new bill which is set to be introduced early next session. The bill’s propositions are markedly more straightforward than the Lord Lucas bill which […]

14 ways to celebrate mum in royal style

by on 26th March 2014

FLORIMANIA Mothering Sunday

The formative period for building character for eternity is in the nursery. The mother is queen of that realm and sways a scepter more potent than that of kings or priests. ~Author Unknown With Mothering Sunday fast approaching, Royal Central does the legwork for you: We are pleased to propose a number of distinguished venues […]

Kings, Queens and Olympic dreams

by on 20th March 2014


The Sochi Winter Olympics gave us plenty of glimpses of royal spectators but no royal competitors.  But past Games, both winter and summer, have seen their fair share of kings and queens going for gold with some achieving it.  Being royal at the Olympics doesn’t mean you have to stay in the stands. Plenty of […]

Why the cost argument just doesn’t wash with Monarchy

by on 28th January 2014


And so the subject of royal finances has arisen again after the publication of the Public Accounts Committee report on how the Royal Household manages its money. In recent times, republicans’ annual outrage at the cost of the Royal Family has become part and parcel of every piece of news on royal finances – but […]

Why Camilla must become our Queen

by on 26th January 2014


It’s a subject that divides people across the country and indeed, around the world. Should the Duchess of Cornwall become Queen when Prince Charles accedes to the throne? Some argue she cannot, others that she must – I’m going to explain in this article exactly why I believe Camilla must become Queen. It was a […]

Could The Duchess of Cambridge be made a Royal Colonel?

by on 24th November 2013


The Royal Family and the British Armed Forces have a long and well-established connection. Many regiments of the Army have, as their Colonel-in-Chief, a member of the Royal Family. Through this, the regiment can foster close ties with the Monarchy and also have someone to represent the regiment on ceremonial occasions. Most members of the […]