Frogmore House and Gardens - Profiling a royal retreat

For many, Frogmore’s associations are chiefly with those of royal burial. The estate, located between Windsor Great Park and Home Park, is indeed the setting for two important royal mausoleums – the Royal Mausoleum of Queen Victoria and Albert, the Prince Consort, together with that of the Queen’s mother, Victoria Duchess of Kent – with the royal burial ground in front of the Royal…
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Is it time we made more of royal birthdays?

Looking at the images coming from Sweden on July 14th this year, two things struck me. Firstly, the second in line to the throne, Princess Estelle, has royal engagements wrapped up at the age of three. Secondly, doing a walkabout every year on a royal birthday is really…

Icons of England: your 90 second summer reading review

As most readers of Royal Central know, The Prince of Wales is my favourite royal. As I have written many articles on Charles, I came across a quote during some research and inquired as to where it originated. In 2010, Charles wrote: “And what greater icon could we have than our countryside, which I have always believed helps define our identity as a nation.” George V postbox put up between…
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Monarchy Monday: Investitures

The dream of attending an Investiture is something that makes up my dreams. An Investiture is where a person who is awarded an honour receives that award in person from The Queen, The Prince of Wales and sometimes The Princess Royal or Prince William. View image |…

Royalty and tennis: It hasn't always been strawberries and cream

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are keen followers of tennis. Here they are at Wimbledon in 2011. With so many focused on the attendance of royals at Wimbledon for the quarter-finals, it seems appropriate to take readers on a history of the sport and the influence royalty has played in shaping tennis over hundreds of years. When researching the history of tennis, it was no surprise to me why the…
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Preview: Secrets of the Manor House

From director Susannah Ward come Secrets of the Manor House – a look into the world of the British Manor House and the people, including both aristocrats and the servants that lived in them. Dunham Massey House The British Manor House is an institution that has fueled…

Preview: The Queen's Diamond Decades - 1950s

Queen Elizabeth’s first years as Queen will soon be aired in Canada and the United States. Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation A young 25-year-old Elizabeth was a mother to Prince Charles, three years old and an 18-month-old Princess Anne. In 1952, the sudden death…

How Princess Charlotte of Cambridge conquered Norfolk

It’s been her home for most of her life and the county where the littlest princess is spending her first summer has really taken her to its heart. Norfolk has Cambridge mania and it’s all thanks to baby Charlotte. The peaceful landscape of Norfolk has been home to Princess Charlotte for most of her early life Since her birth on May 2nd and arrival at Anmer Hall soon afterwards, a whole…
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