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Royal Baby Cambridge: the royal history of April 23rd

The newest member of the House of Windsor is here and the new son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has arrived on a day with plenty of royal history attached to it. As we all celebrate the new royal baby, here’s a look at the royal story of April 23rd. It’s already got royal brownie points as a birthday. This new little prince shares his birthday with Lady Gabriella Windsor who was…
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The Queen's Birth: what the papers said

If you think royal baby fever is a new thing, think again. Back on April 21st 1926, when the Queen was born, there was plenty of excitement over the arrival of a new princess who – at the time – was several steps removed from the Crown and never expected to rule. No matter, as the papers of the time reported, this royal birth was a major event and those things we think peculiar to our own time…
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92 facts about The Queen

As The Queen turns 92-years-old, Royal Central takes a look at some interesting, funny and sometimes bizarre facts about the monarch. As a teenager, the then Princess Elizabeth, and her sister Princess Margaret, would act out and perform a number of pantomimes during the…
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Royal Baby Name Focus: Alice

Haven’t we been here before? As the arrival of baby Cambridge number three closes in, so do the odds on a new princess being called Alice. Ahead of the birth of Princess Charlotte, the A name was in the frame as top pick for a baby girl and we all know how that one ended. However, that hasn’t stopped Alice being among the bookies’ favourites should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome…
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What is the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting?

You’ve probably seen the acronym CHOGM a lot lately, or you’ve heard about a Commonwealth meeting that begins today in London. What is CHOGM? And what’s the meeting? CHOGM stands for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, which is a large meeting of all the nations in the Commonwealth that takes place every two years. There are currently 53 nations in the Commonwealth, and they touch…
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