History of Royal Titles: why is Spain's heir known as the Princess of Asturias?

The Spanish heir to the throne is always given a special title, Prince or Princess of Asturias, to denote their place as first in line to the throne. It is a title that dates back to the late 1300s and has continued to this day. Princess Leonor became the Princess of Asturias on 19 June 2014 following the abdication of her grandfather, Juan Carlos, and the accession of her father, Felipe. In…
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The most impressive pre-royal jobs

We know these ladies as impressive royals, but before they married into their respective royal families, they held pretty lucrative careers. Let’s look at the lives of some of our favourite royal women before they were married. Queen Máxima of the…
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History of Royal Titles: The Princess Royal

There are a huge number of official titles given to members of The Royal Family, often determined by degrees of seniority or place in the line of succession. Royal Central is taking a look at where the title ‘The Princess Royal’ originated from and who it can be used by. The Princess Royal is typically the eldest daughter of the monarch, which is why Princess Anne – the only…
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Royals who don't go by their first name

We know that sometimes monarchs choose a different regnal name than the one they have gone by throughout their life—King George VI is a famous example of this, having gone by Bertie (or Albert, his given name) until he became King – but what about those who go by…
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New portrait of The Queen underlines her devotion to her father, King George VI

A new official Canadian portrait of the Queen has been unveiled. Taken at Windsor Castle in March 2019 by photographer Chris Jackson, it shows Her Majesty wearing her Canadian insignia, as Sovereign of the Order of Canada and the Order of Military Merit. However, this striking official image of the Queen also has a very personal touch to it including a special tribute from daughter to father.
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10 facts about Mike Tindall

As Mike Tindall celebrates his birthday today, learn more about the husband of Zara Tindall and son-in-law to the Princes Royal. Michael James Tindall was born on 18 October 1978 in Otley, West Yorkshire to Philip Tindall and Linda Shepherd. His father was a banker for…
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15 facts about Sarah, Duchess of York

As Sarah, Duchess of York marks her birthday today, learn more about the ex-daughter-in-law of The Queen: Sarah Margaret Ferguson was born on October 15, 1959, at London Welbeck Hospital to Major Ronald Ferguson and Susan Ferguson (née Wright, currently Barrantes). She…
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Who was Prince William of Gloucester?

Nowadays, he is referred to as ‘The Other Prince William’, but who was Prince William of Gloucester and why was his life cut so tragically short? On 18 December 1941, Prince William Henry Andrew Frederick was born in Barnet, Hertfordshire to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester. Through his father, he was one of the youngest grandchildren of King George V…
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