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Which queens are buried at Westminster Abbey?

We’ve looked at the kings who are buried at Westminster Abbey, now let’s take a look at the queens (both regnant and consort) who are buried there, too. Edith of Wessex As consort to Edward the Confessor, Edith of Wessex’s tenure lasted from 1045 to 1066, upon the death of her husband. Unusual for the time period, Edith was a crowned queen, but sadly, the marriage produced no…
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The personal papers of Queen Victoria's father now available online

Through The Royal Collection Trust, the papers of Queen Victoria’s father, Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn are now available online. More than 1,000 documents make up the collection ranging from account records and lesson books to personal and official correspondence. Prince Edward Augustus was born 2 November 1767 at Buckingham House. The fourth son and fifth child of George III and…
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Royal Residences: A brief history of Kensington Palace

Where is it located? Kensington Palace is still the capital city residence of many British royals to this day. The site is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England. When was it built and when was it used as a royal residence? Before it was transformed into a grand royal residence, Kensington Palace was originally a two storey Jacobean mansion which had…
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Royal Residences: A brief history of Clarence House

Clarence House has been an active royal residence since it was completed in 1827. Learn more about the Queen’s former home here. Where is it located? Clarence House is a British royal residence which is located on The Mall in the City of Westminster, London. The four-storey building is attached to St James’s Palace and is less than a five-minute walk from Buckingham Palace. When…
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