Who is Infanta Cristina of Spain?

Infanta Cristina Federica Victoria Antonia de la Santísima Trinidad de Borbón y de Grecia was born on 13 June 1965 to the then-Prince and Princess of Asturias (Juan Carlos and Sofía) at Sanyres Loreto in Madrid. The Infanta is the second child and younger daughter of Juan Carlos and Sofía; her older sister is Infanta Elena, and her younger brother is King Felipe VI. While she was born into…
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June's Jewels: Spain's Best Pearls

Asturias Fleur-de-Lys Tiara Embed from Getty Images Queen Letizia is reported to have received this tiara as a fifth anniversary present from her husband, King Felipe, but didn’t wear it in public until 2015 when she chose it for Queen Margrethe II’s 75th…
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June's Jewels: the best British Pearls

June’s birthstone is the pearl. This pretty gem has been worn by royalty for years and is found in some of the most famous regal jewel collections in the world. Here, Royal Central takes a look at some of the most celebrated pearl pieces belonging to the British Royal Family. Cartier Indian Tiara Embed from Getty Images This massive diamond, sapphire and pearl tiara belongs to…
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Titles on Downton Abbey explained

Downton Abbey is, without doubt, one of the most popular TV shows produced in recent decades. The show gives us a look at the life of the Crawleys, a fictional aristocratic family who run and own the Downton estate. Set in the early 1900s, the show gives a fairly accurate idea of life for the aristocracy at this time and the changes that the first world war brought to the United Kingdom’s…
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May Jewels: Denmark's Best Emeralds

The Danish Royal Family counts just one emerald tiara in their collection, but it’s a stunning piece that features 67 emeralds and over 2,600 diamonds. Let’s take a look at the Danish Emerald Parure Tiara. King Christian VIII commissioned an emerald parure for his wife, Queen Caroline Amelie, on their anniversary. The 67 emeralds featured in the tiara date back to the 1700s; some come from…
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