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Royal Wedding Dresses: Alexandra of Denmark

It was one of the most talked about weddings of the 19th century. All eyes were on a young, Danish princess called Alexandra as she walked into St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on March 10th 1863 to marry Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Her groom was heir to Queen Victoria, her father first in line to the throne of Denmark. And so the gown chosen by the teenage bride had to fit the bill. And it…
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A Calendar of Kings: March

Every royal life is peppered with milestones, the moments that mark beginnings and ends, filled with joy and sometimes sadness. On Royal Central, we’re charting the famous dates throughout the year in our Calendars of Kings and Queens. And as March gets well and truly…
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Carolina - The blue-eyed Princess who became the grandmother of Europe

It has been nearly two years since I first saw the portrait of a young Princess with blue eyes in a beautiful blue dress. Since then I’ve visited archives, held her letters to her brother in my hand and visited the places where she lived and died. Carolina of Orange-Nassau was bornon28 February 1743 as the daughter of William IV, Prince of Orange and Anne, Princess Royal, the…
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Marie Sophie, Last Queen of the Two Sicilies

Marie Sophie is arguably less famous than her sister, the Empress of Austria, known as Sisi. Yet, her actions to save her country from ruin should earn her place equal to or surpassing her famous sister. She was trapped in a deeply unhappy marriage and sought refuge with another man, leading to the birth of an illegitimate daughter. The heroine of Gaeta suffered the loss of her daughters, the loss…
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Narriman, Last Queen of Egypt

She was the daughter of a high ranking Egyptian official and the last Queen of Egypt as the second wife of King Farouk. The beauty married the King after he’d divorced his first wife after a failure to produce a male heir. Her Early Life Narriman Sadek was born…

Marie Jose, Last Queen of Italy

She was the ‘May Queen’ whose reign lasted little more than a month but left its mark in royal history. Marie-Jose was always a bit of a maverick who had her own views and no fear of sharing them. Those opinions would become a saving grace for the dynasty she married into when she became its one public dissenting voice against the fascism taking over their country. But…
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