Kings, Princes and Norway's 90 years long civil war

Even though it is Christmas, take some time to learn more about Norway’s history. We are now 1000 years back in time when Norway broke out in a civil war which lasted for many decades. Around the year 1000, Norway had been established as a separate and stable kingdom. The question was who this kingdom belonged to. King Harald I Hårfagre and his sons had their power base in Western Norway. In…
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The farmer who could have been Norway’s king

The Knut Alvsson is, outside Norway, a name that few have ever heard. Still, the name represented one of the biggest riots in Norway’s history. Knut Alvsson was born in 1455 and was a wealthy farmer and landowner in Norway who then was a part of the Kalmar Union. From 1497…

Crown Prince Couple of Serbia open Christmas Bazaar

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia held their annual Christmas Charity Bazaar last week. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess officially opened the charity event together, which raised money in support of refugee women from Former Yugoslav republics, Middle East and North-East Asia, socially vulnerable women, and children with special needs. The…
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Crown Prince Haakon visits Sami and Kven children

On Wednesday of this week, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway visited the most northern parts of his father’s kingdom. The Crown Prince visited Lakselv in Porsanger Municipality. Upon arrival to the small town, His Royal Highness was greeted and warmly…

Thousands of protesters call for the restoration of Serbia’s monarchy

On Saturday of last week, a large-scale protest was organised in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The rally was attended by thousands and heavily arranged by the Serbian monarchist movement together with other anti-government and anti-immigration movements. The protest was aimed at the current government who are heavy criticised for not doing what they have promised. Among many of the protesters…
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European Royals

French royalists involved in the "Yellow Vest" riots in Paris

The ongoing “Yellow Vest” protests in Paris have increasing royalist support. Several groups from different fractions of the French monarchist movement have demonstrated against the current government. During the early demonstrations, a royalist flag was spotted, and many called out for the restoration of the French monarchy. French media and the International Monarchist Conference…
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